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    How about having one more level up above the platinum at ISC?

    We all know that who ever joins this site would progress from silver, gold, diamond, platinum and stops here. What I suggest that there should be one more level above the platinum and that can be Titanium. While ISC have good number of gold, diamond members, there are hardly few platinum members and if one wants to achieve further heights, the above suggestion can be agreed by the webmaster. I call upon the members to discuss this matter whether they agree to my suggestion, and if yes whether they like the next level as Titanium or what other name you suggest.
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    A good suggestion from the author. Another level above platinum can be created. I hope the webmasters may think about this suggestion. But there is a problem here. Attaining Platinum level is Ok but maintaining that is a difficult issue. They have to get some minimum points as prescribed. Otherwise, they will slip down to the next below level. Many members feel difficult in marinating the level. We have seen one or two incidents where members came down in their levels due to this. So if one more level is created it will become further difficult for members to sustain their level. So this point is also to be considered while deciding about the new level.
    Platinum is the costliest material available so what should be the name of the new level if created should also be thought and a decision should be taken accordingly.

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    There is no limit to human desire. Nothing can satisfy a man.
    Mr. Mohan,
    What would be the benefit if a new level is created by ISC?

    To satisfy you, I recommend your suggestion to have a new level on the higher side, but I go with the problems told by Dr. Rao wherein a member will have to maintain that level by scoring more points.This may not be possible.

    Let ISC create new levels like - Platinum Junior and Platinum Senior and Platinum Super Senior(three levels).
    50,000 - 100000 - Platinum Junior
    100000 - 200000 -Platinum Senior
    200000 and above - Platinum Super Senior
    Let us not suggest/request for any further level beyond these levels. It would be too much.
    There should not be any minimum points to score to retain these levels.

    I am sure and strongly feel that ISC won't consider any of our suggestions or recommendations or request.

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    Mohan's thread has some relevance. Members should have a feeling of dynamic upward/forward movement and not facing a dead end. That will cause stagnation.
    However there were some discussions about membership levels and points in ISC forum. I am giving few links I could find on my search. It may be interesting for the thread authors and participants to revisiting them now.

    1. After achieving diamond membership, the journey to platinum is more in between we can have..
    2. Pride moment with ISC as I complete 1,00,000 points with this post.
    3. Which one is more precious-Diamond or Platinum?
    4. Reached Platinum, now what next

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    Venkiteswaran sir has made a nice submission that dynamic upward is necessary to sustain interest.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    I feel ISC already has enough membership levels. Already there are 5 levels and adding another will increase the complexity of levels at ISC. Also, please note that adding another membership will also a condition to maintain that level. Currently, one has to earn 10,000 points in last 12 months to retain Platinum level. If a new level is introduced, let's say "Titanium", this will have a condition that members have to earn 20,000 or 25,000 points in last 12 months. With the current statistics, I see only 2 or 3 people have achieved 20,000 points in last year. And this may increase to up to 5 or 6 if the new level is introduced. Those members also need to strive hard to keep that level. Anyways, this is my view on adding another level. It is up to the webmaster to decide.

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    It is a good idea to carve out a new level above the Platinum but we have to see the population in that bracket. If we are going to have many members in that bracket, then it is a good thing to conceive a new level like Titanium or something of that value from the rare earth elements. Then there is issue of maintaining an annual level of activity which is also a crucial factor as many members lose their level just because of that.
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