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    Does comfortability of seat decide our performance ?

    Either at office or at home we want to relax at such places where it can give us maximum satisfaction and even we want our seat to be the best so that our performance does not hinder. I came across one fact that a good seat would help us to remember things and keep memory of the past. Is that so ? But it is the fact that a good seat would increase our sustained presence and improve performance and that would lead to success also. What is your take on this post, does comfortable seat ensure great performance?
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    The author has raised a good point of discussion that many of us skip noticing. How comfortable is your seat and how it affects your seating position makes a whole lot is a difference in the output.

    I have experienced this personally in my office, as being a tall person I needed a chair that would be deep enough to give support to under-thigh as well as enough height to support my foot resting position. Everyday someone or the other will pull the chair to his/her desk, as not all chairs were of the same comfort level. So every morning I would look for the chair which I generally use for work and would even show a little fake anger to get it back.

    Sitting on a comfortable chair did affect my work a lot as being in a comfortable and attentive position is very important for good output. If my body is not in a comfortable position, it would be pretty difficult to focus.

    It is a general phenomenon, of I am hungry then my mind will focus only on food, and focussing on other things will be difficult. Similarly, if I am needed to sit and work for hours then the very first thing should be comfortable seating to enable me to focus on my mind to productive work, or else I will be standing again and again, moving here and there the whole time.

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    A good working condition will make the person work better. In Industrial productivity, it is a topic by itself. If the person who is working with his/her own hands on the shop floor is happy and comfortable. the output from him /her will be more than expected. Many studies were made on this topic by industrial engineers and noticed a good working ambience will result in higher productivity. A person who has to sit and work for 8 hours is provided with a chair without backrest and a chair with a backrest and a study was conducted. The productivity was almost double when the person is given a chair with backrest. Like this many studies called work studies proved that a better seat and ambience with good lighting, ventilation will yield better output.
    Another study was also made where a piece of light music was being played throughout the shift and the quality of the work improved a lot. So I strongly believe a good seat will make us perform better.

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    Yes, a comfortable posture is essential for any kind of work. If there is any discomfort in the body due to a particular posture, the concentration will be not on the job fully and frequently one has to search for a more comfortable posture. Manoj Chaurasia has given a good example in his reply @ #712170 regarding the comfortability associated with sitting on a particular chair in his office and it is understood that many of his colleagues look for that particular chair. Actually, we all look for the comfortability while doing any task and when we feel comfortable we can concentrate on the task at hand. The ambience also plays a significant role and influences our mind to carry out certain tasks.

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    A comfortable seat would definitely help a person to sit for long hours without having any back pain or things like that which arise due to sitting on a faulty chair. If the chair is designed in an ergonomic way as usually the computer chairs are manufactured then it is better as one can afford to sit in them for long hours. As regards the efficiency and performance, to some extent it can add to that as that depends on many other factors and chair comfort is only one of them. In earlier times people were sitting on whatever chairs they were provided and somehow managed the things in an efficient way.
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    Yes, I agree that when a person works, many things around him affect his work, one of them is the infrastructure which includes many things. When we perform our desired work in a comfortable position, then the stress of work is less and the inclination of mind is more in the work. On the other hand, if we are not working comfortably, then the quality of work is also affected along with our production capacity. Sometimes it happens that due to attachment to something, we also consider the presence of that thing essential in our work, for example, I have a small table, I always keep the laptop on the same table, and the use of other tables I find relatively less comfortable

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