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    Have you ever felt offended by teacher's scolding?

    During our schooling we might have come across such moments to which we are not responsible and yet the teacher would have scolded us without verifying the facts. Normally the gossips are not allowed while the class is in progress. I had the experience when one of my bench mate was asking some doubts to which I was not responding. And he called me by name and that irritated the teacher and she scolded me for disturbing the class and I felt very much offended. Have you had any such experiences? If yes, please share here.

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    In our times (55 years back) scoldings and beatings by the teachers was a common thing and was taken in its right perspective and not like today when it is considered a cruelty to the children. The parents also supported teachers at that time and gave free hand to the teachers that if the student is not showing interest in studies and instead doing mischiefs then teacher can tackle him in his own way without bothering for the parents wrath. So, we had all the scoldings and beatings of the teacher. Once I was not attentive and our Mathematics teacher found it easily with his sharp eyes and he asked me to stand up. He asked me why I was not attentive and appeared perturbed. I had no answer. In those times it was believed that speech is silver but silence is golden. He did not punish me but told that if he ever saw me like that he would make a pit and tunnel and keep me in that and push me to other side of the world that is America. I felt much offended with that and I shared it with my parents but they told that he was right.
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    In our times, the teachers had the upper hands and even the guardians were supportive to their actions. Though they adopted coercIve methods to discipline the students. The role of teachers was to make their pupils attentive to the lectures delivered by them so that they could reap the benifits of their teachings. There are two ways to learn a subject - either you develop the innate passion for the same or get some punishment from the teachers including beatings time to time creating panic among the pupils.
    In fact, they could achieve positive results with such assaults. In our times, though Sanskrit was an optional subject, but with the fearness of the teachers we all secured more than 90 percent marks in our class eleven.

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    Normally teachers will not scold any children without reason. The students should act as a student in the classroom with attention and without diversion.
    Some teachers erroneously scold the children in rare percentage. This was happened in my cousin's case. It was in 1978, she was in third standard. One day she went for exam but returned in half an hour by crying. She told that teacher seized the answer sheet and put on her after tearing. I, since was in the house as unemployed, took her to the school again. On enquiry teacher told that she did that because of her talking with other child. My cousin told that the other child was asking extra pencil. Realised later teacher asked sorry to me and allowed her to write the exam.

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    During my school days, teachers are very disciplines and they never used to tolerate any kind of indiscipline from the students. For small issues also they used to punish the students. They used to ask the students to stand up on the bench for the whole period. Sometimes they used to beat the students with hand sticks. Our parents also used to support the teacher only and they never argued with teachers on these matters.
    My uncle was a teacher at the school where I was studying. Any small mistake committed by me was reaching him and he used to tell the same thing to my parents. So I used to be very careful and attentive. I never received any scolding or beatings from my teachers. The teachers used to take a special interest in me.
    All the teachers used to stay near our house and they were all known to my father also. So I used to take special care and I used to maintain a very low profile in the class. But I always used to either 1st or 2nd rank in the class. So I never had the experience of scolding or meetings from my teachers.

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