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    How do you tackle such people?

    Some people have a habit of dismissing and condemning others views or ideas at the first instant itself. Though after discussing the issue for some more time, they may agree but their initial reaction is always like that. This is considered a bad trait but these people are doing it in a habitual way not understanding the consequences it might have in store for them. So, dealing with such people requires some patience and endurance and if we want to convince them for something then it takes more time than the normal conversation. Have you come across such people? How do you tackle with them? Please share your experiences and opinions.
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    I have also seen many people of this type. It is very difficulty to tackle such people as their grip would not relaxed from their point.
    This is mainly because of the thought that others do not know anything over him. Once I told in my office projects officer that next day would power cut as mentioned in newspaper and asked him to get additional quantity of diesel for genset. He,as usual, did not accepted. On the next day sharply by 9.00 am. power went off. By 2.30 pm diesel got exhausted. He got bulb from production manager as well from GM.

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    If we have to tackle such people, who should stop discussing with that person and leave the matter to him. We can ignore him in taking a decision related to us. If it is a matter related to him we should allow him to do whatever he likes and let him understand his own faults. After facing the problems for some time, he may understand the mistake he is doing and may try to understand the point and logic in the suggestions of others. Then they will come round.
    In official matters sometimes, the big boss thinks that his views are correct and if somebody else tells something good also can't digest. Then what I feel is we should keep silent and implement the suggestions given by him and the result good or bad should be to his account. He may learn by doing mistakes.
    If somebody points out us, we should take it in the correct perspective and analyse ourselves to see that whether by implementing the suggestions we may get benefitted. We should never ignore the points of others.

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