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    A liar gets entangled in his own web of lies

    To cover up a lie you one has to tell 100 more lies is so very true. If a person tells lie he/she will have to web many more lies around it and in the end they themselves get entangled in it. On the contrary a person needs to tell only one truth and he/she is set free of all the burden or guilt which one tries to hide with a lie. The only thing needed is courage.

    There are many compulsive liers who lie on every little occasion no matter what and who the person they are talking to. Generally a person would lie to hide his own shortcomings or is having some inferiority complex or is having some very bad intentions.

    It is very difficult to judge at once but sooner or later the truth reveals itself. So it is better to speak the truth always and live a peaceful and confident life rather than a life of a liar who slowly and steadily get burdened by the web of lies he/she has created and ultimately perishes in oblivion.
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    My mother used to say this. That is to hide a lie hundreds of lies we have to tell. She brought up us by telling this as to make us not to tell lie on any situation.

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    True. To cover one lie, we may have to tell many lies and a small mistake did anywhere in this process will get us caught. Another problem is that if we are telling a lie, who should remember what did we say. When we tell so many lies we don't remember what we said to whom. Finally, we will get entangled.
    Some people never hesitate to tell lies. Even though they know that the other person never believes them they will not stop telling lies. some people tell lies for no reason. Today they say some reason and tomorrow they tell another reason for the same issue. We can easily understand that the other person is telling lies.
    We heard about people who never say lies but I think none of us saw a person who never told any lie.

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    I agree with the author that we should never tell lies because we forget what we have lied in any particular situation. It could be embarrassing for us to cover lies again and again.

    I think we should speak the truth or should be 'smart liar' if speaking truth entails us get enmeshed in any untoward situation.

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    Elders used to advise us not to tell lies and that leads to series of lies to cover up the first lie. Telling lies once for a while to make some escape is always allowed and tolerated, but when lies becomes the habit taking shelter under the series of lies would definitely get the person entangled with bigger punishment. When we were going to school, one of my friend does not like particular subject and the teacher and he used to skip the period. Having noticed his prolonged absence but seen in the school for other periods, the teacher has asked me to show his house address. She went to his parents and complained about absenteeism. Having peeved by the teacher complaint, the parents scolded the boy, but he still pleads that he has been going to school daily and Mohan is the witness to that they even scolded me not to guide him.
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    My request to the author to correct the spelling of liar in the title of the thread as well as in the post.

    It's correct that when somebody is telling a lie, she/he has to tell more lies to make it appear as truth. When somebody is telling a lie the person has to maintain a register to remember what was said on the earlier occasion. If the person cannot remember the lie on the previous occasion and says something different then she/he will be in a difficult situation. Truth is always the truth and neither you have to maintain a register while speaking the truth nor you need to remember what you said on previous occasions. We must call spade a spade only because if you call a spade a hammer today and stick tomorrow it will create a lot of confusion. If it is continued for a few other occasions then the reliability of the person telling lies will be at stake.


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    As a child we are very plain in our thoughts and approach and it is the parents who teach us lies and how to take the help of lies. This is were we make mistake at the first instance.
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    A well said thing that our elders and teachers constantly would tell or teach us, as we grow. It is very true that when we tell a lie to hide one thing, we need to cover it with another one and keep on telling one after another and at the end, it becomes like a cabbage i.e. having layer over layer. If we are able to have the courage and face the situation, we can just tell the truth and then be ready to face the consequences but it ends then and there. Otherwise, we need to constantly keep on telling lies after lies and even need to remember every lie so as to have a balance.

    Some also tell that if a lie does not hurt anyone but makes his day then it is not a problem or fault but now, how can we differentiate between the good and a bad lie. There are some situations when we without intension tell a lie in order to cover something or impact and it is often taken as a sweet lie. It all depends on the person who tells it and we need to understand that the lie sometimes saves a life or problem.

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    @Sankalan, thank you for pointing out the spelling mistake. I made the amends.
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    If you come across a child, his heart is plane always speaking the truth but he may pick up such a bad habit sometimes due to wrong instructions of his parents. We have seen parents telling their kids that their dads are not at their residents if someone approaches for collection of dues for the loan or for some other issues. The parents don't realise the grave mistakes committed from their end. The child gets a new lession how they can manage a situation with the twisting of facts. He becomes a great liar with the progress of time.
    Hence it is true that the culture starts from home and picking of bad habits is rather easy than to learn a good habit. Hence while dealing with the kids prior to giving them any instruction, we should ensure that the kids don't deviate from the truth.

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    @Sheo Shankar Sir, a very valid observation. A child picks up the habits and traits from his nearby people and surroundings, and parents and siblings are the first contact. So, as parents and as elder siblings we must be very careful of our behaviour and conduct in front of young ones.
    They are like mirror and they just reflect what falls upon them.

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    The author has told the truth that a person who speaks a lie slowly falls into the web of the same lie. It takes a lot of courage to tell the truth, because thinking about the consequences of telling the truth, a person takes the path of lying. The person feels that if he has told the truth, his words may go wrong, or every one gets away from it, or he becomes lonely. You have to lie ten times more to hide a single lie, then you have to lie more to hide them, then you have to remember what I lied and one turn also depends on situations that there is much more harm than telling the truth. Telling the truth is as simple as it is, whereas a person cannot be confident even before and after lying.
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    Lying is a very common attribute in people and many of us might be lying time to time to escape from the embarrassing situation. But those are more of occasional nature and are not considered as a major offence. Then, there are professional liars who tell lies one after one in a well knitted fashion only to cheat and deceive others and many gullible people fall prey to that. It is said that lying is an art but at the same time detecting is a greater art. It is also believed that if a proper and intelligent interrogation is made, the liar can be caught very easily. Unfortunately, many times people have biased and prejudiced minds and then the liar takes advantage of it and gets free from that unwanted situation. One example is parents and children relationships where young children sometimes tell a series of lies just to console the parents that everything is going normal and nothing to be worried about their performance in school in academics or sports. The results show it otherwise and the lies are finally unearthed but it is too late by then.
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    A liar may think himself very intelligent and clever but one day he would be eventually caught and then his reputation will be ruined. There are some professional liars who do it in a refined way but even they are caught.
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