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    Behave with those who have totality understanding of your moves

    It is the fact that we want to make friendship with anyone who sync with our imagination and thought and many a time we fail to retain them in the long run because the totality understanding between the two would be missing. Friendship cannot be one sided and it must have the feeling of others deeply and a real friend would stand with us during the trying times and extend the full support to mitigate the problems those who are say hai and bye cannot be treated as real friend as they kept us in reserve. What is your view on this?
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    Making friendship is easy but retaining them for a long time is very difficult. Both people should have the same frequency. One should understand each other and both should have the same opinions and feelings. Then only the friendship will continue for long.
    These days friendships are made based on the requirements. If we feel we will get benefitted by making friends with somebody, we try for that. The moment the work is done, we may not be friends with him. This is pure opportunism. We should never encourage such people. Some people will be ready to help us when they received help from us. Those people are also good for friendship. Some people are ready to help us they never expect anything in return. Such people will be best. Friendship should never expect anything from others. That friendship will go long and we should help a friend when he is in need. Then only we will be considered as good friends.

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    Whatever be the friend, a true friend stands with us in every small trouble like a shadow. A true friend stands as a shield in every trouble so that the friend does not have any kind of trouble. We learn to make friends since childhood. But it is up to man to keep this relationship until the end of life. A true friend forgets all the troubles of his own life in any adverse circumstances and gives help to a friend. He also gives his life special moments to his friend's smile. In difficult situations, we become aware of bad and good friends. The one who supports you in bad times is your true friend in the right ways. Your true friend should always be kept close in your life, only then you can become rich in the right ways. Man is a living creature in society and needs a true friend to share his grief and pain. A true friend whom we can say without any hesitation about anything in our life. If such a true friend is found in life then life will be successful.

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    A friend is a person with whom one can have utmost trust. Many friends keep secret of other friends and help them in any even in critical situations. In Tamil there is a saying, 'uyir koduppaan thozhan' which means a friend even sacrifice his life for friendship. In Mahabharatha, Karnan lived as an example for friendship as he even gave his life for Dhuriyodhana in war.
    Total understanding of others is not existing even in couples nowadays. Only a mother or father never doubt on his son/daughter on any event. Besides this, many people thinks that everybody in this world are necessary only to the extent of their help. People neglect or skip off others once the help is over or refused.

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    Truly said by Ramachandran, as Karna can be tipped as the best friend and lived up to the expectations of Duryodhana against all odds.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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