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    Has any one of your work benefited someone or public?

    I am not talking about content writing here and giving inspiration to others through our thought process, but I want to know from the members that did any of their work benefited someone or the public. It may be small gesture or help but it must have created big impact on others. The other day there was heavy rains with gale and uprooting of trees resulted in snapping of current wires which were live. I switched on my scooter light and directed the people to take side ways to avoid current wire shock and that was appreciated by the passerby. Have you done something like that?
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    Good work by you, Mohan. You have helped people when there is no light by showing your scooter light to the people. It may appear like a small issue. But people who bot benefitted will definitely appreciate your good work.
    I have seen many people on roads helping blind people or old people in crossing the roads and reaching the other side of the road. Similarly, I have seen some people going on scooters helping others by giving them lift and stopping them on their way. I have seen people donating money to the people who are begging near the temples. Like this many of us might have helped some people many times. In the same way, we may also be getting some help from others when we need it.
    I helped almost 20 or 25 people in getting their jobs. Some people I gave appoint when I have a vacancy under me and some people I referred to known people and they got their jobs. Those people will be very thankful to me and even now once in a while they come to me or call me and wish me and show their gratitude. This gives me immense happiness.

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    I remember a day when I was attending a temple festival where food was being served. At that time, about 2100 hrs, the power supply went off, and the generator could not be started. It was a remote area. The electrical contractor did not carry sufficient diesel for the generator. All were sitting in dark and dining. I was the only person with a car there. I started my good old Padmini and focussed her head lights towards the people sitting and dining. This exercise went on for one hour. I was accelerating her engine to get the battery charged. It was like one hour driving spending five litres of petrol. When the power supply was restored, I was thanked by the crowd. An unforgettable incident in my life.
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    Sometimes we have to or rather say we must help others selflessly and I would say that it is the biggest achievement in our life if we are able to do so. I have done some such things in past on a small level and recently I have started a free consulting service in Facebook by making a page where students can ask any type of question regarding their problems, selection of a course or related to career making. Some students visit there and ask questions which I answer as per my capability to help them. These are our humble efforts but can help someone who is in need of it.
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    K Mohan sir, your help is greatly appreciated. There are many ways to do good for others. Our skill is not only in knowing how and in what form to help, but also in understanding when to help. I will share about a little help that my family has made, for the past 6 years, every day during the summer days, members of my household fill 4 pots of water and keep them on the main road outside the house by which passers who may thirsty, they can get clean water to drink, I do not know how many people have been helped by this water, but perhaps it has proved helpful for some people who may have felt the need of water at that time. There are many more ways to help others there is just a need to take a look at it.
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    This was two years back. I used to keep general tablets in my briefcase which I used to take with me daily to office. One day an office going lady got a cut injury in her hand while boarding in the bus. As I was sitting in a seat direct to entrance I took a band aid plaster and ask another lady to put on her injury. Immediately blood got controlled.

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    This was when we were living in Chennai in a flat in a building and one day a lady from our neighbourhood came and told me that she had to go to hospital urgently where her brother was admitted but she did not know how to manage the small baby she had in the house. I offered her that let her go there and I would baby sit for a few hours. She felt so relieved and thanked me much. Like that some small incidents were there where I felt that I had really helped a needy person. We had a big problem of water in our area at that time so I kept a few buckets always reserved for emergency. From that many times I gave to the needy people.
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