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    Why Interenational schools in India give stress on speaking and not writing?

    Some of the best International schools in India and based at Hyderabad are seen giving more stress and importance to the speaking and conversation ability of the student rather making them to write the scholastic studies on daily basis. The second class student of such a school could able to read English paragraph with accent and with no mistakes and yet with speed and accuracy. When I asked to write the same the child pleaded excuse. So what is the use of such one sided studies and what they are going to learn in the long run?
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    These days more than writing, speaking and understanding the subject is more important. Communication skills are very important. In earlier days many students are not able to get up and talk about what they know because of fear and shyness. But they are able to write on paper very nicely. This may be good for writing the examination and passing the test. But these days how to present yourself before the people is more important. You should have more communication skills and spontaneity is a key factor. For that speaking and communicating is more important. Asking a 1st class student or 2nd class student to read and speak is better. But once they come to 5th or 6th class the schools may be giving importance to writing.
    I feel speaking will improve the kids' vocabulary and talking skills will improve. These days we see small kids talking, dancing, singing on TV channels. This will give them more self-confidence and they will grow fast in their life. If we insist on writing they may not be able to concentrate on vocabulary and their time will go in practising writing,

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    It is believed that possessing good knowledge is one thing but how to present it impressively and attract the audiences or the higher ups in an institution is an art. So, many international schools or even English schools give emphasis on English speaking and presentation skills. It is understood that student should have knowledge of the subject otherwise simply presenting would not help. So, if a student can learn as well as present his learnings in a proper illustrative manner then he can be selected in the places where academic as well as oral proficiencies are considered for induction.
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