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    What is the most interesting thing you watched most recently on youtube?

    Now a days youtube is a great source of visual knowledge. We can learn so many things from youtube like education video's, entertainment video's, songs, movies etc. Recently I have watched a Telugu movie of 1957 and is known to be all times great movie of Indian cinema i.e. Mayabazar. This is one of the beautiful movie where we can visualize the technical high's of present day movies at that time. Every frame of this movie can be seen in crystal clear form even in black-white form. Greats of Tollywood like ANR, NTR, SVR, Savitri, Relangi etc. were acted in this movie in an unforgettable fashion. This picture is a mythological and fantasy movie and even if we watched it now it gives today's Bahubali like amusement. The songs were so melodious and even today also people never forget those songs. This movie was produced in Telugu and Tamil at the same time and with the same actors. The most interesting thing is, this all times great movie of India in 2010 was changed into a color movie with latest technology and it is now in an astonishing form.
    Link to the movie:-
    Members you share the recent interesting thing you watched on youtube.
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    A good old film of the past decades. SV Rangarao plays the role of Katothkaj. He gets into the marriage venue; goes to the kitchen and eats away all the dishes prepared for the guests. He sings " Kalyana Samayal Saatham, Kai Karigalum Prammadam, Intha kauraprasadam....ha ha ha ha ha......." a lovely song sung by late playback singerTiruchi Loganathan. An unforgettable film of the past.
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    You tube has been the epicenter of entertainment and big movies and videos are viewed only on that channel. Of late since the pandemic has started many of my friends and their children already started their own You tune channel through which their creative ideas and views are expressed and that is nice to see even the small children are taking to explanation flawlessly and thus give world wide exposure at the small age. But what the author shared was a wonderful movie of those golden days when mythological movies were ruling the South and Maya Bazar as been credited with visual fantasy and the characters that played in the film are even remembered and regarded. And good that old films are made into color and the viewing pleasure would certainly double and my appreciation to the author for sharing this.
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    Youtube is very popular these days. Many are trying to make their own Channels and uploading some videos. songs and other programs. My brother's daughter in law is a good singer. She started her own youtube channel and places her songs there. I subscribed for the same. My brother's son is a school student. He also created his own channel and places some videos. I subscribed for his channel also.
    Garikapati Narasimha Rao is a very well known personality in the Telugu States. He is a good poet and orator. He performs Astaavadhanam. Many times I attended the programs of him. Recently I have seen a video of his stavadhaanam performed at Bangalore, It is very nice and his way of remembering issues is excellent. Two days before I have seen another program of him jut 0ne day before and a very nice program.
    We receive many videos on Whatsapp and it will take more time to see all these videos. But I will be seeing only some interesting videos but not all.

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