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    Your entertainment should not be at the cost others disturbance

    Why some people play loud music at the wee hours when many are sleeping, studying and doing the penance or yoga. By playing the movie songs loudly they are not only disturbing the tranquil early morning atmosphere, they are also disturbing the privacy and peace of others as some patients are convalescing in nearby homes and they get terrified with such high voltage music. Let them listen to music with sober sound and let them not induce others to take on them verbally for disturbing with noise pollution early in the morning.
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    Yes. we should not cause disturbance to others through our activities. We should not spoil their privacy. We see many people using mike sets with very big sounds. The whole street will be hearing the noise. People can't concentrate on their works.
    These days in villages we see many places of worship. Every church. masjid or temple will have a sound system and go on playing something or other. Many people feel the disturbance. In our native place in East Godavari Dt of Andhra Pradesh, around our have 4 churches. On Sunday from morning to night, they will be playing something or other. They will be conducting meetings. All this will be through the public addressing system and mikes will be there. The disturbance they create to others will be very high.
    Let us confine our activities to our house only. Let is disturb the peace of other people. All should think in these lines only. Then only we will not feel disturbed due to the actions of other people.

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