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    Making mistakes is sometimes good

    There has been such an environment in society about mistakes that people try to live their lives without mistakes and today it has become a kind of compulsion that people can try to hide their mistakes or lie. But the truth is, the more mistakes you make, the more your confidence increases. Most mistakes happen in our life. Sometimes situations arise where you make mistakes even if you do not want to. But it improves your understanding and teaches you to make better decisions in the future. It is natural to make mistakes in any work.

    We know that alternatives come with risks and risks can lead to mistakes. But if you repeat that mistake again and again, it means that you are not learning anything from it. So learn from your mistakes and improve and move forward in life.
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    Making mistakes, again and again, is not good. Making a mistake once in a while will be a good learning experience. To err is human. So we need not worry and hide our mistakes. We should learn from our mistakes and we should do the same mistake again and again.
    Generally, we will all take maximum precautions and try to avoid doing mistakes. But some times some mistakes will take place. We should analyse the situation and see how that mistake happened and what precautions we have to take to avoid such mistakes. This will make us more knowledgable and we will get many inputs and we will become wiser.
    The great thing is to accept our mistakes. Some people try to hide their mistakes or try to blame somebody as responsible for the mistake. That is not the correct way. Accept your mistake and say that you regret the same. Then many people will get a good impression of you.

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    There is a great saying in Hindi that Galthian karo magar wahi galthi dubaraa math karna' that means make mistakes but never repeat the same mistake and that has much understand about. We are all not so perfectionist but yet take the cases and problems to our stride and for that a great round of applause, and once the problem has been taken why it was a failure in the last attempt has to be understood. and if this probing is done and the real answer is got, then the next try would be success. Suppose if the next try also fails, we should not deter or run away from the problem. this time probe again as there could have be silly mistakes to which we have not given credence. The third attempt would be certain and successful. Now we have the sigh of relief because at last the success has been achieved after repeated attempts.
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    Committing mistake is the human nature but every mistake provides a chance to learn from the same. We have a set of people interested to learn some lessions from their past mistakes, they take it as an opportunity to change their plans in such a way that there is no repetition of the same mistake.
    If you accept your own mistakes wholeheartedly, it is rather a positive step providing you the scope of reviewing the earlier stand and this should be taken as a positive sign indicating that there is no complexity within you and you are ready to change the earlier step so as to get maximum benifits as a result of changing the recourse.

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    I think making mistake is always good if you are ready to learn something new from every mistake. It is said that to err is human. But always committing the same mistake is not good. You should learn from your mistake and avoid the mistake in the future.
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    Mistakes are not intentional and it is our tendency to do a task flawlessly. When there is a mistake, we need to take corrective measures. It is always essential to learn the remedial actions to a mistake so that the next time it is not repeated. Our intention has to be to do the job without any mistake but if somehow there is a mistake, instead of covering it up by hiding our fault we must learn the remedial actions and that's always a good experience.

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    Avoiding mistakes is not so easy. We will have them time and again. They are a part and parcel of our life and are a regular by product of our activities. No one can claim or be sure that no mistake would happen. There are many factors which decide it and with whatever carefulness one works these would be there. So let us not mind a few mistakes here and there and learn from them.
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    Mistakes are not known beforehand otherwise it would not happen. When we work then sometimes it is very much possible that mistakes would happen. That is how people gain experience. Learning from their mistakes.
    Knowledge is power.

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