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    Cinema actors should not be taken into politics

    The history says that cinema actors plunging into politics for personal gains and not for that particular party and those have started the party on own also failed except one or two. In Tamil Nadu we all know famous actress Kushboo joind DMK in 2010 and she could not do any thing to the party and shifted to Congress citing as secular party. There she tried her luck for six years and now she joined BJP may be having a eye on CM post if the party wins. But what I feel that actors are not suited to politics as they neither perform in Parliament nor assembly.
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    Actors or actresses take advantage of the fact that they have a good following and some of them are even having a large following and out of that if the majority votes for them, they could win in the election. The political parties also take mileage of this thing and many times provides ticket for election to them. As they do not have interest in politics they do it just for fun or to get importance by sitting in the parliament.
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    What is the use of such actors who never visit Parliament nor raise the issue of their constituencies to which the voters have huge expectations.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Many actors and actresses chose politics as a safe haven for them. Since they roll in black money, they need some protection for their money and themselves. Politics protects them to a great extent. That too by being a member of the ruling party. Hence they shift from one party to other for safety and security, to escape from arrest and jail.

    But there were few actors who were really interested in the welfare of the people, like MGR, NTR and JJ who became Chief Ministers and did their best for the people of their states.

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    Why not? Cinema actors will have a lot of fan following. They will try for the victory of their heroes. These cinema actors are also having a dedication to the nation. So we should not feel that actors are not fit for politics. I know NTR as a very good actor. he became Cheif Minister of Andhra Pradesh. He was a good politician. He did many good works for the State. He never involved in corrupt practices. He brought many young people into politics. He ruled nicely. He is one of the best CMs of combined Andhra Pradesh. He is much better than many other CMs.
    The politician should have good intentions and should have the desire to serve the people that is more important. But We have seen many other politicians who pooled up a lot of money and indulged in many corrupt practices. So we shouldnot be under the feeling that all the film stars are not good and they are not fit for politics.

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    Every person suits at his own profession. A teacher is a teacher, an actor is an actor, a politician is a politician, a musician is a musician, etc. And everyone should do his own work. I agree with the author that an actor should not join politics. Our honourable president has the right to nominate 12 members in Rajya Sabha and he always nominated different people who have contributed in the different fields. If the President nominates the person than it is ok. He can raise the voice of his field and share his experience there.

    We have observed that people from different field are eagerly waiting to join politics. I couldn't understand the reason behind it. Some month Our CJ Mr Ranjan Gogoi also become a member of Rajya Sabha. So, it is a very good thread and I completely agree with the author.

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    If actors want to join politics can join it. I do not understand what is the valid point of author who doesn't like to see them in politics. However, if any person who's been on any constitutional office, should not join political party. It clouds his/her integrity as an office-holder. Some of them who were in Supreme Court, Army or Police are now the part of political parties.

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    Invariably the actors are not workaholic inside the constituency or in Parliament and their no function makes voters to fume.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Politics should consist of people who can act in the interest of the country. It is wrong to pursue legacy in any way in political, it should also be seen what is the contribution of such people to society. Ethically, leaders should also think that they are also the guardians of the workers who raised their flags for years. In such circumstances, they are discouraged and this promotes the tradition of defection. This state of politics cannot be called good in any way. If seen, now politics seems to be taking the form of a profession rather than becoming a means of social service. Earlier people used to enter politics with the spirit of social service, now it is being seen as a career. Getting into politics is now a guarantee of a successful life. Believe it, once one gets into politics, all the way forward will be automatically opened. Nowadays people from different fields join politics which may wrong if they do not have leadership qualities.
    Swati Sharma

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    These days many Cinema actors are showing interest in politics and they are not quitting acting also. I have seen some MLAs from AP working on TV channels. They have that income and also as MLA they are getting salaries. So a rule can be made that any person becoming an MLA or MP should not go for any other professions. That should completely devote their time for service only. After 5 years if they are not winning, they can go back to some other profession, This rule should be brought into force. We need not stop anybody from entering into politics.
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    Actors take up politics as the career of an actor is limited for a particular period. During that period they get a huge fan following and by joining politics they again get into a profession which suits them financially. After all, once their acting career is over their liking for attention and praises do not end and politics can prove to be one of the best ways to keep themselves engaged as there also they get the opportunity to act on stage in front of a large audience.

    Regarding doing something for the public is the last priority for most of the politicians and whatever they do is just to keep themselves well-fed along with perks of power and attention.

    When one uses the word politics then it becomes clear that the politician will do politics and not public service so taking politicians seriously is a waste of energy and time.

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