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    Why most people have a resistance to change?

    Changes in our lives are inevitable. They would be there. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Whenever a new situation arises, where there is a change from our earlier life in terms of comforts or quantum of work or relationships, our first reaction is to put resistance to it. Our whole personality works in the direction of negating it as if by doing so we would be able to postpone or cancel it. Most of the people have a tendency to resist for changes and only after compulsions and pressures they would finally yield to the new situation and adjust or accommodate. That could be a reason why everyone does not get success in ones life as one does not recognise the opportunities which sometimes accompany a change. What are the opinions of the members about this? Please share.
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    Changes are inevitable. We should change according to the change. Otherwise, we will be behind and many will overtake us. This is a fact. If you are happy with the job you are doing and you resist changing the job, your progress will be slow. If a good opportunity knocks our door, we should take that opportunity and progress. But if we feel that we may not cope up with the change and if we stick to the present position only our progress will be halted or may be very slow. The change should be taken as an opportunity and utilise that for your betterment.
    I was working in a company near to my native place and I just got married. At that time I got an opportunity in a distant place. I never know about that place and the work I got there was new. We were very young. I have to leave all my family members and I have to go to the new place. But I never resisted for that. I moved to a new place with my wife. That is the change which brought very good progress in my life. Like that we should not hesitate for any change. But analyse the situation and get ready for the change if it is for good.

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    When people are told to change, they see effort and unnecessary wastage of time. You can call them lazy but they aren't, they are just opposed of your idea to change them.

    When a person wanna change, he doesn't think like," from now on I am going to do this thing differently".

    He just thinks," oh this way feels easier or gives better result, lets try doing this."

    So this means if you show someone a mirror why they need to be changed and what benefits they would be gaining, they might accept your proposal.

    But you should also remember that :

    1. You cant change a person's thought easily.
    2. Changing the thought isn't the last step.

    For instance, a slim person will always assure you that he wants to get healthy, even though he wants that too, this change will take long time to come as he is going to try, fail, again try and may be again fail, until he finds right push in the right direction from the right person or self.

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    If you cannot swim against, swim along is the criteria to be followed by all and in this changed situation there is no other go but to embrace the challenges of new normal to which we are against and yet has to forgo the pleasures of past, the enjoyment of the days gone and we have the need to accept new rules, laws which may be against our wishes, but we have to be in the herd of all who follows the regulations. In such situation the change takes place automatically and one cannot forgo, One thing is sure when the change applies for all we also feel accustomed to accept the new normal and that is the reason being so even the children and elders are cooperating to abide. Kudos to 130 crore Indians who have taken the responsibilities and work as it came on their way without murmuring and that proves we have adjusted.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    People should not try to stop the change as this is a natural process. Sometimes these changes can be good and sometimes against us. All our efforts to stop this will be useless, so prepare yourself for the new situation. People are generally afraid of change and it is part of a human habit. Change is the time when you can develop some good habits in yourself. Think of change as an opportunity for your growth. First of all, do not try to stop the change. This is a natural process. Sometimes these changes can be good and sometimes against us. All our efforts to stop this will be fruitless, so prepare yourself for the new situation. People are generally afraid of change and it is part of a human habit. Actually, people are afraid that they might get stuck in adverse conditions due to change or they may not lose their current success. It is better to keep thinking positively than fighting against anyone.

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    Change is inevitable and if one does not embrace it gracefully, eventually he will have to accept it forcefully and then compromise and adjust. Any change be in personal life or professional life demands us to either improve ourselves or take up responsibility and if we fail to do so then for sure we will fail at many more fronts.

    For example, in office when a new policy is to be implemented, most of the employees will resist and deny to accept it but eventually, they have to follow it no matter what, as the change is for common good and not to suit an individual. Change requires extra effort and many people do not want to do that extra effort and want to stay in a comfortable zone.

    Change is growth, stagnation is decay. We must accept and embrace change gracefully whenever it comes.

    Live before you leave.

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    I think it is related to the comfort level we have and then there is always an extra bit of work when one is asked to change ones ways or type of job or even change of place which is so dreadful for some persons.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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