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    Why China is not getting Nobel prizes even if it boasts itself as technologically advanced country?

    In my opinion, there is no Technology without Science. Technology is an application of Science. Science should be strong enough to show progress in advanced Technologies. If China boasts itself as a technologically advanced country, then it should have a strong Science base. If it has a strong Science base, it should get Nobel prizes in Physics, Chemistry and Medicine. But it is hardly getting any Nobel Prizes. With this, don't you think there is a flaw in Chinese technology?
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    When the findings and innovations kept close guarded and no revealed, there cannot be appreciation and awards. China seems to be going on with its findings and innovations not to be decoded or copied by others and that is the reason even US could not crack into the development surge of China. No doubt China did made huge impact in every find of innovation and they should have got the Nobel prize. But Chinese seems to be least interested on such hype as they wanted to be self contained and self centered so that their new innovations are not get highlighted nor get awards. It does not mean that Chinese are averse to popularity or esteem, but they want to sulk and grow and that is their intention which is clearly seen even in the behavior of the PLA at the LAC borders. It is a developed country does not want to be imitated.
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    The simple reason is that freedom is curtailed, due to dictatorial nature of chinese government. There is nothing to hide or anything like that, since all research today is peer reviewed by scholars everywhere. All technologies are usually in the public domain. Only the knowledge related to deeper aspects of our nature and self remains hidden. Especially a complete theory of conciousness.

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    Mohan sir, if we go by your view, even Tu Youyou of China should not have got the Nobel prize for Medicine in 2015. But she got it. As Ryyu said, we cannot hide most of the technologies. We can easily reverse engineer the technology by seeing the product, similar to what China does regularly.

    As an electronics engineer, I find many flaws in their electronic products. In order to reduce the cost, they remove over current/voltage protection circuits in their electronic products. To reduce the size and the cost, they remove the transformers in their products and reduce the voltage through some voltage divider circuits, which is very dangerous as it cannot provide electrical isolation. When these electronic components blow off, we get direct electric shock even through the electronic components (which are supposed to work at 5V, 12V or 24V). Because of such weak designs, most of the times Chinese products fail.

    Can we call these techniques as technology innovation? No, we call it as cost reduction techniques. Every electronics engineer will know these techniques, but they won't design such things in order to ensure safety. There may be some innovation, but their innovations are not backed by Science.

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    I feel they are the technology experts. They always try for shortcuts so that their products are cheap when compared to products made in other countries. If you compare the quality of a product in China it will be inferior only. The research what China is doing is only simplifying the product. But in that attempt, they are diluting to the safety requirements. I agree with Bhuvan that their designs are weak.
    Another thing is that they deceive people. One of my friends asked for a product. That is a chemical. They sent the sample which is very good. But when bulk order was given, they sent an inferior quality material. He couldn't use that material or return the material.
    When there is no Original research there is no chance for them to get a Nobel prize. I have visited two times in China and visited some industries. Their R & D is mainly focused on making shortcuts by copying the designs of products manufactured else where.

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    Exactly Rao sir. They are copycats and not innovators. They did not even leave our Maruti 800 car. They made their own cheaper version. They have copied almost all the high-end car models of different companies and released the cheaper version by eliminating the safety measures.

    Technology without any Science backup, cannot sustain for longer period and they know it very well.
    China tops the list of failed candidates in Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) screening tests in India. That shows their quality of education. Indian students will have to face this test to practice the medical profession in India. But I don't think there will be any such test for the Chinese students to practice in their country. With this we can estimate the pathetic condition of patients in Chinese hospitals.

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    Bhuvan your revelation that China has copied the models of Maruti and made their own version which does not have the safety feature. I understand Maruti Udyog is the government entity and every model is the copy right of the company and that cannot be copied. Then Why Maruti chosen to keep quiet and did not sued the Chinese. May be they have not copied and left the safety features and thus claim they have done their own designing. Nevertheless the dragon country reputation has gone bad to worse post pandemic and this type of copy cat activities would further earn the wrath of war like situation with India for sure.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mohan sir, you can go through the link, "" to find out how they copied some of the car models from all over the world. These are only few examples. In China, you can find duplicates of almost all successful car models of the entire world.

    While writing Articles in ISC, we take sentences from different sites and write our own sentences, does it invite copyright issues? No, the same thing happens with Chinese copycat cars.

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    I think we assume that the Nobel prize givers are awarding their prizes in a fair manner. If you take a look at the winners over the decades, you will find that there have their favorites who tend to win more than other people/nationality/color groups. Maybe there were noble intentions at the beginning, and it has become corrupted over politically correct compulsions. In any case check it out for yourself and then decide if Nobel prizes are really what they are supposed to be or is it propaganda or whatever.

    There are some people who will never get prizes no matter what. For example, Col. Gaddafi of Libya. He ensured that his entire desert country had water through the GMMR (Greatest Man -Made River). Or his plans for a United Africa (which were scuttled by puppets of pro-western nations, who'd lose their clout and wealth).

    There are other people and other projects that could have been awarded but never did, nor will in future. China does not toe the western countries' dictums, so will not get awarded. It does not matter whether it is advanced or not in any of the fields where Nobel prizes are given.

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    Bala sir,
    If we go by the White Supremacy theory, then it should have been reflected even in Nobel Peace prize also. But it is not happening.

    China was the most favoured Nation for the Western countries until recent times. Otherwise, we couldn't have seen so many Electronic Chip foundries in China. If it was against the Western countries, then those countries had lot of options to move their foundries elsewhere for cheap labour. So, we can't say "China does not toe the Western countries' dictums" by seeing recent happenings.

    By the way, how many inventions have we seen from China in the history of mankind to get Nobel Prize?

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    Nobel prize is generally given for a new fundamental research, discovery or invention in the field of science as well as in some other fields. It can also be given for a new technological breakthrough using the existing scientific principles. One important thing in this matter is that any invention made basically should be for the benefit of mankind in a larger perspective and then only it can be awarded a prize of that level. So in deciding these prizes many considerations are kept in view. For example if a country develops a new effective weapon of mass destruction using unbelievable technologies then Nobel prize would not be given for it.
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    The main purpose of the Novel Prize is to encourage the researchers with some innovative methods to provide them products which was not designed earlier. In the field of literature, the theme discussed should be the original and not discussed earlier.
    Now talking regarding the achievements of China in the scientific field or otherwise, no encouragement is forthcoming from the side of the Government. As is evident from the attitude of China, the country is interested to manufacture such products for which there are markets for such items. Hence cutting the cost in manufacturing is the prime objective ignoring the safety aspects. Hence their products had been saleable in the Asian Market attracting the classes who are otherwise less privileged. Their goal is directed towards garnering revenue flooding cheaper products. Research is not their Moto.

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    Nobel prize is given for some fundamental research or invention. China is mainly doing innovations that is using the technology in newer ways to make the life of consumer happy. I do not think that for that it should get Nobel prize.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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