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    Kushboo quits Congress and joins BJP. Will the shift help BJP in Tamil Nadu?

    Kushboo Sundar, a Tamil film star has joined BJP yesterday. She was a Congress spokes person. Prior to joining Congress she was in DMK. She is a shifting star. Her shift to BJP was due to her unhappiness over certain high level Congress leaders who tried to take charge of her.

    What will be her future? Will she shine in BJP and help BJP to grab some seats in Tamilnadu?
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    She originally joined DMK to take on the arrogance of Jayalalitha but the male dominated party could not give her the right platform to perform. Then she joined the Congress terming it as the only secular party in India and she has great future. But it took six years for to realize that in Congress also the party revolves around Nehru family and other leaders are wasting time there. Now she felt her last hopes with BJP and joined the party. Nevertheless BJP also wants strong leaders from Tamil Nadu as the party wants desperate presence and even divide the AIADMK jinx to register their first win. But people are Tamil Nadu always choose between either AIADMK or DMK, and BJP a non entity is there in front of Kamala Hasssan and Rajnikanth party. We cannot say that even the fortune may change their side for the first time.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Kushboo is having a lot of fans following. There was a temple also for her in Tamilnadu and was sponsored by her fans only. But that following not reflected in her political success. She is not successful in her political career. So even though she joins BJP also it may not give any advantage to her or to the party. So I don't see any major change in Tamilnadu in politics.
    Basically in South India BJP is not having a stronghold and it is much less in Tamilnadu. So I never hope that BJP will get some advantage by the joining of people like her. Rajanikanth or Kamalhasaan may have some impact. But that is also doubtful. Regional parties only will rule the State. Congress or BJP has to take the support of these regional parties only I feel.
    Anyhow, let us hope and wish that this lady will have some good times in the coming

    always confident

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    She may be having huge following and for that matter even Vijaykanth, Kamala Hassan and Shivaji had super hits and fan following but they utterly failed in politics. Those actors who are associated either with AIADMK or DMK have fared well or got the recognition and for other parties there is no entry into the state. In fact Congress had tried desperately to severe ties with Dravidian parties and stood alone but they were rejected. That is why Congress had the compulsion to align with DMK and got few seats. In this back drop Khushboo entry into BJP which has no base has to do lots of spade work to gain few seats. But if Rajnikanth extends support to the BJP and with the his followers support, there are sure chances of BJP coming to power and at that time Khushboo would be the main attraction in the TN politics.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The incident of changing parties in the country is becoming quite common these days and these incidents are increasing the instability of politics. Khushboo Sundar has been associated with many parties. She joined the DMK in 2010 when DMK was in power. However, four years later, when Khushboo Sundar left the DMK, it was said that hard work for DMK was a one-way street. In the same year in 2014, Khushboo joined the Congress after meeting Sonia Gandhi. The tradition of taking the path from cinema star to politics in Tamil Nadu is decades old. There is no doubt that the people of Tamil Nadu have always chosen actor-turned-leaders. There have already been challenges for the BJP in the state. Such incidents indicate the level of political instability in the country.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    Tamilnadu politics is not in good order due to divided Dravidian political parties like DMK, ADMK, Amma DMK. DDMK, and many other caste-based political parties like MDMK, PMK, etc. In addition, Actor Kamal Hasan has formed a party Makkal Needhi Maiyyam. And Rajnikanth also is getting ready to form a party, else he might align with Kamalahasan. At this juncture, Kushboo's shift to BJP will make a difference in Tamilnadu politics. Kushboo being an actress with a charming face would certainly attract the voters, especially the women folks. She will be contesting from Kanyakumari constituency which is the fort of BJP. If the cine actors Kamal and Rajnikanth give a helping hand to BJP, I am sure, Tamilnadu will be ruled by BJP. There is no chance for the Dravidian parties to unite and fight together. In the absence of cooperation of Dravidian parties, BJP with its alliance group is likely to win the election.
    No life without Sun

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    Whenever celebrities or important persons join a party by leaving the other one then it becomes a matter of great news because these things affect the sentiments of the gullible voters who are fan of that personality and sometimes give vote on that basis.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Though the party higher ups have clear tactics and strategy in inviting and accepting celebrities and also leaders who quit other parties, the ordinary workers and middle level leaders of the party who do a lot of difficult field work and keeps the party firm, get disappointed because all the plum posts and candidature are cornered by the 'newcomers' who were turncoats from other parties.
    Already BJP is in high deficit of experienced second level and middle level leaders. It gives an appearance that the party does not properly encourage real potential rising leaders. BJP's ground level workers and local level leaders have suffered a lot for the party in almost all places. However they do not get encouraged or do not get elevated to higher ranks and leaders are placed over them. Slowly, BJP also becomes like Congress where there is no real inner party democracy.
    BJP lacks really charismatic, motivating and inspiring leaders who can churn and influence masses. So as some stop gap arrangement 'borrowed' and 'guest' celebrities, even turncoats can help. However, at the same time party's sincere ground level workers and local and middle level leaders have to be trained and promoted with sufficient encouragement and rewards.

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