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    Our future depends on our thinking, then why are we not able to control it?

    Your wishes and aspirations are what make up your future. What you think, what you want, only your thinking and desire to determine the path of your future. Everyone has to be successful inside the world and each person chooses a different path to success. What a human thinks, and his desire and aspiration, he tries something to fulfill his desire and aspiration. His behavior and behavior start to happen in a way that suits his dreams, his desires.

    This thing that I have discuused is not new, many people in the world discuss this subject and at the time of discussion, our belief also says that what we think, we will be the same but can it be practical? When most people start to thinking, negative things start coming into their minds first, and then after many efforts, we focus on positiveness by removing those negative things.

    If our future is to be decided by our efforts and hardwork but at the same time our thinking also affects it, then why is it so difficult to control our thinking?

    We all read and understand many things of knowledge, but then why is it difficult for everyone to apply this thing in life?
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    Our thinking is guided by our mind and most of the time mind is wandering in either past or the future. Most of the thinking is wishful thinking and any thought to manifest require sustained action. To control the mind is not an easy task and this is the most common reason most people fail. We are a bunch of endless desires and our surroundings always built up one or another desire daily and the mind always starts to wander thinking about them.
    We may through our hard work and efforts achieve many things but still achieving control over the mind is like a dream. So controlling our thinking will be similar to chasing a wild goose.

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    Destiny plays an important role in our lives. Our birth, our family background and our family's financial position play an important role in our future. Over and above all these our luck and destiny will show their strength. That is why equally qualified people also will not have the same way of living. There are many engineers but all of them are not earning equally, So we say our future is in our hands. But we should have the support from God. But we should not leave everything to God. We have to have our own plan and design the future. Whatever efforts we can put should be put and see that we will reach the goal. All depends on your mental strength and ability and they should be supported by luck. The children from the same family will not have the same future. The parents may be spending time and money on both the children equally but their individual hard work and the help from heaven will decide their future of the child.
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    When our thinking does not sync with the forces outside the control of us , surely the future is not in our hands and we have to mend the ways. No doubt, we may think positive, we may plan good, but when small details were failed to notice, then we may face the flak. Sometimes our thinking is mindless , may be we are pursuing our dream which may not turn to be a reality. For example if I want to become a politician, that may be good thinking and even the close relatives and friends would support the cause, but when it comes to real election fighting, the pressure of candidates from all parties and even Independence would literally makes us to ponder over and why because the money spending would be much in elections and those who are new to politics cannot burn their fingers with the money what ever they had.
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    As long as your mind is focused in the present moment. You can control certain outcomes that within the periphery of your personal space. However everything cannot be controlled in the public space. The area within your control can be considered as your personal destiny whilst the larger set be considered as fate.

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    This is a very interesting question but the answer is not a simple one but one thing that comes to our mind often is that we might plan and think in a certain way for our future but destiny has something else reserved for us. Destiny is not a real entity and is only a concept to justify and explain when things do not happen in our ways and as per our line of thinking even after working hard for it.
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    We always think for betterment in our future but there are so many external factors which decide it. In such a condition thinking that things would happen in our way is too much optimism.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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