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    North and south divide is not just geographical, it's more than that.

    India is a diverse country with huge cultural differences in every region. Although we hear a lot that there is unity in diversity, which is the beauty of this country but the incidents that are reported and the comments that we see in many public forums and also the behaviour in person speaks a lot about the huge gap that exists in mind of people.

    South Indians demean North Indians and vice versa and so do the Northeast people are differentiated on regular basis. Even here on this site we sometimes see some very nasty threads which pull leg of other states or people based on the stage of the development of that particular state.

    I know most of us will deny this when commenting to this thread as we all want to be politically correct and democratically balanced. If one feels otherwise, then do put your views honestly.
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    Manoj I would differ with your views as none in this site members would have created divide between North and South and that cannot happen before the watchful eyes of our editors. On what basis you made this serious allegation we do not know and through which thread or observation you came to this conclusion. For that matter It is the North Indians who generalize and say everyone as Madarasi from South and that is not the case. We are all Indians first though we hail from different states. In fact we have been having close relations with many of our North Indian friends and I have even raised threads that why the NE states are not getting mention about their development and progress. Therefore I feel this thread would unnecessarily create heated exchanges between members and that would be avoided anyways.
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    I have never seen any thread here where the people of one region criticised the people of another region. We have threads where politics was discussed and in those threads, members go by their affiliations. But never gone by the region. The author might have given a link two one or two threads where he has seen this,
    There are differences between regions and political leaders also go by the religion to which they belong. In north Telugu people were also called Mardasis. Only after NTR became the Chief Minister, some identity came to Telugus.
    Development is less in NE states and the present government in Centre is trying to bring those States also into the front by making efforts to connect them well to other states so that they will also develop like other States. It is the responsibility of the government to see that all states will prosper equally so that there will not be ill feelings between the people belonging to different regions.

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    India is a country that holds different regional variations and cultures, but it is equally respected for all religions, regional traditions, etc., so it would be wrong to say that any state dominates other states. Each region has its own language and its importance does not mean that we do not give recognition to other regions. I live in Madhya Pradesh and it comes in the central part of the country, for me the only reason for the partition in South and North India is that it is the Tropic of Cancer only, which is just an imaginary line, apart from that we are all Indians and all Indians living in a country with citizenship, where our fundamental rights are also equal. As far as development is concerned, there are many factors in it, so the rate of progress is different everywhere. Now, if we talk about ISC, then it is a big medium where writers from different states and regions share their views among themselves and not to dominate someone.

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    There are some language and way of living differences but there are otherwise no major differences and as I had lived in South for considerable time, I do not see any such thing which makes significance.
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    India is a country of a different religion and culture. Different languages are spoken in different parts of India. But, we believe in unity in diversity. Firstly, we all are Indian. Here, every culture is respected equally. There is no bias related to religion. So, it is 100% incorrect to say that south India dominant over north India. We can differentiate only on the basis of weather conditions. I spent time in the north as well as south India but could not find differences.

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    India is a fair example of unity in diversity. We are all Indians. After that, only the State, language, region and caste etc., will come. Another important is basically we are all human beings and we should behave human. There is no necessity to show the difference between the regions.
    It is the government, which has to see that all the regions of the country will develop equally and all people will be like family members. So one should restrain from treating other region people with a difference.

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    The north and south divide was much in the past. The situation is changing now. I remember my good old days in 60s when I joined an organisation where all from India represented. While the men from south remain silent, the people from north used to address the south Indians as 'Kaalu" 'Madarassi"etc. I used to laugh at a Sardarji and Bihari who were utter darker than a south Indian. In retaliation, I used to tell them with my half baked Hindi " Hare foreign ke Bachhe, thoda sochke baath karo. We all are Indians here." Those were the days I used to enjoy the North and South fun.
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