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    Let our actions speak

    Many of us are having the habit of talking more about our past glory and our good intentions. To some extent, these may be required these days to sell yourselves. People will get attracted to you to some extent. But this good impression will not be lost long unless otherwise, your actions support your statements.

    We see many politicians who deliver very good talks and impress the people with their magical talks and the promises. They will win the elections and conveniently forget their promises and nothing will be delivered.

    But in a work environment, it is not always possible. A time may come you may be rejected if results are not coming in accordance with the promises you made to impress the organisation. So try to convert your words into actions and let your actions speak.
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    Unfortunately, in many cases, our words and actions do not match and that creates a lot of problems. This is not only true for politicians but also for many people in general. For many, it has become a habit to brag. They do not even care to transform their words into actions and keep on making promises. Ultimately others do not trust those people and even they may get annoyed after hearing the names of such persons who only talk and do not work. When the number of such people increases it becomes really difficult to even manage day-to-day affairs.

    My thanks to the author for reminding us again about the necessity of transforming our words into actions.


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    Every day we have to show some actions. Talks would not help. Talks can impress the people for a small time. What impresses them for lifetime is the actions. There are people who can talk and preach for a long time but when it comes to action they are not seen around and disappear as if they never existed. If we are getting impressed by the talks of someone then it means that our mind is weak and we are not prudent enough to understand why he is only talking and not doing something substantial for the benefit of society and country. So talking less and acting more is thermal mantra we should adopt in our lives.
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    Let our action speaks, is the great trait to which only the wise man can satisfy because he knows the importance of promising and taking action accordingly. When we say something through the tongue,the word or the promise must be kept, otherwise it would be waste of life. The politicians cannot be included in this list because they are habitual defaulters in keeping their promise and they even forgot. In one of the Tamil movies the same scene has come and when the PA questions the politician about the promise made and forgotten, the leader says, people are having forgetting attitude and even the promises would be forgotten. Even if they remember and question me, I shall ask them one more term because the promise has been initiated on the paper and by that time elections has come and now give chance for one more term to complete the task. Such is the escaping mentality.
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    The author is right. Many people in the world talk things big but when the time comes, they do not perform the right action. Does not matter what you did in past or what is your plans for the future, the main thing is that what action you are performing at the right time at present. Past glories may be helpful as it added some experience in your life but just by saying your glories, you will not achieve every target of your life. One should focus on the action every time and give its best.

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    Actions are always above the mere talks. We may say many things but no one would believe in them until we show them in our actions. There are many people who talk very little but everyone is astonished by their deeds.
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    The actions taken right on time and getting updated and working towards the goals of the organisation will gain self confidence as well as others who are around us will also get clinced into the ideas. As author suggests, it is rightly said, actions speak better than words, as saying is easier than actually acting on or standing on the words.
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