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    Honoring oneself is the real self-respect

    Nowadays people talk a lot about self-respect. The elderly, children, women, and men are engaged day and night to maintain their self-respect. Self-respect is indeed an important part of a person's personality, but still many people remain confused about self-respect and remain unhappy because of this.

    When a person has a sense of self-respect, he accepts all others with respect and ease. Such people know to love themselves because they know who they are and where their destination is.

    In fact, you have high self-esteem, so do not worry about anyone's accusations, false complaints, cheats. You do not even react to such behavior.

    You live a happy, satisfied, and successful life. You have confidence, perseverance, ability, ambition, a strong desire to accept challenges. Self-respect should start with respecting oneself.
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    Self-respect is very important and we need not undersell ourselves. But we should know what we are. Then only we will have self-respect. Some people put up a lot of show to get noticed and they feel that others will respect them by hearing them. But initially, for some time you may be getting the attention. But over a period of time, your true self will come out. So one should understand himself/ herself and within higher capabilities only should talk. Then only you will have values.
    If somebody talks less about you also you need not worry as long as you know what you are. You can ignore such remarks also. A person who has self-respect also know how to respect others. A good goldsmith only knows which is real gold and which is impure gold. Similarly only a person who is having self-respect can understand the value of other person and respect them also.

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    Many people strive hard to keep their self respect and that is very much important. If self respect is there the confidence level would be overwhelming because the actions would be on right direction and to the right people at the right time. And a confident person would not go wrong and the actions are ultimate and appreciated. If a person has the self respect , he behaves wise and sensibly and also understands the plight of the others. In that case nothing can go wrong. And obtaining self respect does not come for free. It needs hard work, perseverance, working with patience , doing a commendable work without flaws and above all sincerity towards the work and worship of other moves is also important. All these good traits need to be developed from the small age and that would become basis for self respect in long run.
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    Before we think of self respect, we should be equally be concious of good manners and atticacies that need to be shown while dealing with the people. Our behaviours should be such that people should appreciate us for our decent behaviours. In fact, sometimes it our delusion that people will offer us due respect because of my status in the society even if I am harsh in dealing with the other people. Hence while dealing with the people, we should ensure that our own behaviours are reasonable. We do hear them with patience offering due respect to each and everyone in our day today dealings. If we follow such manners, we are sure to get respect from the people. Self respect would definitely enhance your confidence to tackle the different issues with a greater success. Hence self respect is definitely important.

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    People who are confident in their work and actions generally have a good self respect and that is always seen in their way of talking and their other behavioural manners with us. They would respect others also.
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