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    Updated- Write a story and win enhanced points and cash credits!

    Dear members, last year, one day in the evening, while walking in a popular park in my town, I took this picture in which some people are seen walking on the wide road provided along a small lake. This park is situated at about a km distance from the main market and one can even walk on foot to each here. Does this picture invoke a story in your mind? If yes, please submit it as a response to this thread only.

    Please keep the story within 200 words at the most and follow all posting guidelines.

    I propose the last date for submission of your creative contents as 22nd October 2020.

    From my side, I would be giving some awards from the ISC gift shop to the first 3 winners of this short story writing contest.

    Update by the admin- We are not converting it as an official contest but will award enhanced points and cash credits to creative attempts by members.
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    Picture for writing story
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    The wider the road, the we take liberty to walk haywire and not following the set rules. By doing orderly walk we are not only setting standards for others to follow, but also allow smooth flowing of traffic and walk for others. Big roads are made for the vehicular traffic and the walkers have no right to obstruct the movement of vehicles. No doubt at the wee hours the vehicles may not be plying, but the habit of encroaching the road for walk is nothing but taking away the rights of road users of vehicles and orderly walk would always help the vehicles to chose their lane and drive safely for every one. And while walking, let it be serious walk and not the talk. It can be seen that many people are grouping and having a chat while walking that would be disturbance to others and also you are slowing down your own walk phase.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Why my response has been deducted with points and if the reply was wrong, it should have been deleted or left to the decision of the author and editor must respond to this.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Mr. Mohan,
    The author Umesh has announced a photo story writing contest. His instructions are crystal clear. But you intentionally or unintentionally responded with your usual practice of responding to threads. The editor has observed your blunder mistake and rightly awarded Zero points. It is ridiculous to see your second response. My simple and humble advice to you is - You should read and understand the contents well before you respond or react.

    I would highly appreciate if you write a good story by looking at the attached photo.

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    A short and quick story from Sun.

    It was a fine Friday evening. The sun was about to set. The street lights were on. Swapna working in an IT company was returning home. On her way, she wanted to visit the main market for buying vegetables for the weekend. She was in her white salwar and pink Kameez with her black handbag. Suddenly, a tall guy in a pink shirt coming from the opposite side snatched her bag and started fleeing. Umar in yellow and his friend Ram in whites who were busy walking and watching Whatsapp heard Swapna's voice 'Chor Chor Chor." When they saw the guy running with the bag, they both chased him fast and brought him to a halt. They beat him up and made him flat. They recovered the handbag and handed over to Swapna. Swapna thanked them. They dialled 100 and informed the police. The police came and took away the culprit to the police station. They lodged an FIR and put the guy behind the bar. The next day, the guy was produced in the court. The Magistrate asked the guy "Why did you snatch the bag from the lady. Are you a habitual bag snatcher?" The guy said, "Sorry Sir, I am an Engineer from a poor family. I was a casual employee in a reputed firm. But due to the pandemic and lockdown, I lost my job. I have no money to pull on. I had no other alternative to earn for my square meal. What can I do? Tell me." The magistrate felt pity and released him with a recommendation letter to a firm known to him to provide him a job..

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    The road was very busy. But due to the pandemic, the road is not having rush these days. The road is from Secunderabad to Hightech City. Because of this Pandemic, all IT companies are not active and all the employees are working from home.
    I was waiting at the roadside. My son has to come and pick me up. I just rang him and asked him and he told him he will reach in another 15 minutes. Meanwhile, I have seen a tall person slowly walking on the road. He is coming towards me only. As he came near I recognised him as one of my friends in my Univesity. I am very happy to see him and almost after a gap of 10 years, I saw him. He can recognise me from a distance. But I recognised him only when he came to me.
    We stood there and we went into our old memories and meanwhile, my son came there. I introduced my friend to my son and surprisingly, it was noted that his son is also working in the organisation my son is working. We both exchanged our phone numbers and decided to talk once in a while. He slowly started walking. We started back to our house.

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    It was a early morning cool Sunday as usual the gathering for walking used to takes place at the designated park. But suddenly there was a hoax call from some unidentified person to Ramesh who said that a bomb was planted at the place and it may explode anytime. On getting this call Ramesh was terrified and passed the information to all. Soon the walkers who gathered there have understood the urgency of clearing the area as everyone want to save their lives and run away. But later it was found that a person made prank on the morning walkers to gain the laughter, as it was the April Fools day and every one has been fooled nicely. However one of the senior Manohar has taken this prank serious and chided the person not to join their walkers club in future to which the pranker sought pardon and the joke was realized.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Usha entered the park and walked to the lake side where they usually met during last 3 years of their relationship. She stopped at the corner of the lake.

    Ravi never told her that he loved her or any exclamation of that sort. She also did not spell out her feelings. She believed that it is the boy who has to tell it first. Anyway they were having a good relationship and shared with each other all their personal matters. She saw Ravi coming to her.

    "I want to share a good news with you that my uncle in Canada has sponsored me for computer course there and now I will be going and might get a job there itself." Ravi was beaming.
    Usha was shocked much.
    "This was what for you called me here?", She asked.
    Ravi smiled, "No, not for that. My straight question to you is would you wait for me for next 4 years so that I come back here after completing my course and then take you with me there of course after marrying with you."
    Usha could not utter a single word and simply blushed and Ravi took it as 'yes'.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Really very happy to see so many responses on the first day itself. Hope more members join and make it a successful contest. Thanks.
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    I wish that more members would contribute in this story writing contest and show their creative skills. Hoping for larger participation.
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    I'm posting a story in here.

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    A interesting story from sanchita

    It was a Saturday evening. Time was about to 8pm. Everybody was walking freely because of the summer season. I and my mother were also used to go to market this time for buying vegetables. We were going to market enjoying breezes. When we reached the market then my mother decided to buy green vegetables at first. So, we went near a green vegetable seller. We bought a green vegetable and came on the road to buying another item. By chance, what happened noise started to come all around. People were running hither and thither to save their life. We got scared by listening to noise. Within 5 minutes road looked desert. When we enquired then one person told a ferocious animal leopard moving here. At that time, one intelligent person made a call to the forest department to catch this animal. Just then, a group of member came with their equipment from the forest department and caught the animal. We also took a sigh of relief and returned home with whatever bought.

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    I just found the update in this contest post from ISC admin that the creative entries would be given enhanced points and cash credits. There is no change in other conditions of the contest as was proposed by me. I thank ISC for this encouraging and nice gesture and request all the members to take a note of this update and submit their entries.
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    I am posting my story entry named "Those were the times"" for this contest as below:


    With a heavy sigh, I am going to tell you a story- a real one.

    Jesus, Christ, Adi Shankaracharya, Vivekananda .... they all achieved the greatness and immortality in their prime youth. They had realisation about human life.
    I am also a youth in my late twenties. I also had a REALISATION today.

    That reminiscence is not reserved for old people. Youth like me also can reminisce. What an irony! It was the same 'me' who ran away seeing elder people coming to talk to me. I was scared to hear umpteenth time repetition of the 'good old time' stores' nostalgically narrated by them. Usually such stories ended with a direct or indirect insinuation on the current youth: 'those were the you people..."

    But now I stand exposed and vulnerable as I have a nostalgic story to narrate.

    You saw the photo above, didn't you?
    You may look at it again, and reserve a sigh for heaving at the end. The photo was taken in March 2020. Myself and my Sweetheart were sitting and enjoying our time in the popular Park in my town. It was a wonderful evening. You can feel the serenity and freshness just by viewing the photo itself. So just imagine how we enjoyed that day. We parted that late evening promising to meet at the same venue next weekend. I doubt some evil eye had fallen on us. (Sigh!!)

    Even though neither of us broke the promise, the fact is that we could not meet next and it is now more than seven months since we met last.
    The culprit Covid 19 Pandemic had played truant and the whole world and that meant our favourite park garden also is shut and closed.

    I had enlarged the picture and kept it on my table. It gives an enchanting beauty to my table and room. To whoever asking about that I am narrating this story as I told you now. Now I also frequently fall into reminiscence looking at the picture and murmur 'those were the good old times'. Will those times come back again? ...What you say?

    I can see you also sigh reminiscing something!!! Still humming "Jaan kahaan gaye woh din..??


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    A Tale Of Two Twins [[¤ a strange but twisted tale ¤]]

    There were once upon a time two twins who were seperated during birth. They both had same features both were girls. They grew up in two different households one poor another rich. One got highly educated the other not so highly educated, the first one became a research scientist in a foreign university the other taught at a small school. One got married to a handsome guy from Italy the other was married to a small businessman in a nearby city. Now it so happens that by fate the highly sucessful twin once happens to cross the city in which her other sister lived. It was raining cats and dogs. The first twin was staying in a posh hotel nearby and had just been walking across the path through the park that leads to the marketplace when suddenly a flash flood occurs. The girl gets swept across the waves of water that the thunderstorm pours upon. It is precisely in that moment a hand that seems just like her own hand clutches her tight and pulls her up in a small car that is floating by but not drowned. It is then that for the first time both twins meet each other. Both are exactly the same not a single difference between the two. They both decide to swap each other's life just for few days, and meet each other on the same path through the park that leads to the marketplace. After a few days they bump into each other. Each excited of her own experience yet a sad glum on it's face. They tell each other how they feel about their respective lives. Where they need to change their approach and how each could improve the way they handle the spouses. But at the same time they confess to each other that each prefers it's own life however they might enjoy another person's life. In this the siblings come to understand that the life given to each one of us is unique and only we can live it with joy. No matter how much an individual tries to imitate another person they cannot become that person. And all this on that path through the park into the marketplace in that small city.

    The End

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    My Story - " An evening in a park that fulfills her dream."

    One evening, Rajni, free from all her work, went to a park, a little away from home, she went and walked for a while, then when it was a little dark, she sat on a bench and started looking, right in front of her, 2 friends were walking while looking at the mobile and on one side a girl was probably returning to her house in a little hurry.

    Some other people were also talking. Then her eyesight went to a place, it was like a hut, Rajni's eagerness to see it was great and she went to that hut as she was going to that place a piece of unique music was heard by her, she reached and she noticed that some people are playing different instruments, some people are humming songs. Most of them were elderly.

    Seeing them, Rajni also sat down and started listening to music, it was going to be dark, but Rajni was not in the mood to give up this beautiful music and go back home, after all at one time Rajni also wanted to learn the music. There was a great desire but due to circumstances, she could not move forward in that area.

    Looking at the time, Rajni said that the children are waiting for her and she went back to the house, she had only the same music on her mind while going back to the home and took the same moment that she will fulfill this desire of her childhood now and will start learn music from starting.

    That evening of that park brought a big change in Rajni's life and she finally found her destination in this life only. We all have some dreams that we give up hope of fulfilling many times but then someday suddenly our inner voice tells us that there is still time we can get whatever we want.

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    Title of the story - "Threshold"

    "You are going to Delhi after this, right? Naresh asked, a tinge of sadness audible in his otherwise stoic voice. "Yeah", was my short reply. A lot more, much more needed to be said, but in that evening under the fading light, the words would not come out.

    Today, our board exam results were finally out. An occasion to remember surely, but also a point after which we would all go our separate ways. All of us know that what has started must one day end, but when it ultimately does, it leaves our heart heavy.

    As I stood in the park that evening, my friend, nay my brother by my side, a stream of images came floating before my eyes. This was where we had run about playfully in our childhood, without any care in the world. This was where we had talked about everything, ranging from our favorite cartoons to our love lives. We can still run around and play here, can't we? The body surely can but the mind cannot. In that park, under the faint light of the evening, where a lot should have been said, only a sorrowful embrace conveyed these innermost thoughts.

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    Here is my story under the title:
    'Divine intervention'

    It was a Friday evening when Mohan -a labourer returned dejected and disappointed during the lockdown in a covid pandemic. His hungry children waiting for father - Mohan, to return home with some food. But, Mohan, can't gather the courage to return home without food, instead went to a nearby deserted park lit with the lights in the evening.

    Mohan used to sweat out in the day, doing the labour work to feed his family. The unplanned lockdown staved off all his opportunities to earn some bucks and feed his family. But now Mohan seems frustrated under the lights in a beautiful park and not gathering the courage to step into his home empty-handed before his hungry children. It is getting darker, Mohan still looks standstill and frustrated in the park. Finding no other option Mohan left for his home empty-handed without any food to feed his children.

    When Mohan reached home, disappointment was pricking his soul inside. But the moment he stepped into his home, he found a divine intervention. His happiness knew no bounds. He was so excited when he saw sustenance (food packets) already provided by some conscious noble soul in the neighbourhood who always works for the needy and poor families and makes sure nobody sleeps hungry.

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    Just to remind, the last date of this contest is 22nd October 2020. There are full 2 days still left for submitting the entries. Members who are interested to contribute may please submit their entries in the stipulated time. Thanks.
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    So far we have received 10 entries. It is encouraging but today is the last day of submission and the thread would get locked tomorrow and I request the interested members to submit their entries by today itself. Thanks.
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    Here is my entry:

    Title: A short trip to the City Park and Lake

    I, an Ecologist, was on my official visit to a big city. Luckily, I got the opportunity to visit there with my family. After winding up my official work, we went out on the city trip. We didn't want to miss any beautiful place in the city. Hence, we came to a famous park located alongside a beautiful lake. We were walking in the park. Then my son insisted on boating. We tried to avoid it because it was going to be evening. But as he was very stubborn, therefore we got ready for boating. There was a huge queue, but we got a shikara and started boating. The lake was huge and beautiful. But we were surprised when we saw an island there. The island was full of biodiversity. We spend some time there and then a plant attracted my attention. It was a unique plant, and I took several photographs of it. Besides, there were several beautiful plants and water birds. We enjoyed the park and the lake. And these photographs still reminds me of that beautiful place.

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    A dilema resolved

    Pranav had three friends, a barber, a carpenter and a tailor. The tailor and the carpenter had a shop on either sides of the banks. Whenever he planned to reach the tailor's shop, he ended meeting the carpenter and whenever he has some wood work he meet the tailor. Pranav was murmering to himself "Oh God! I am happy that you have given me three friends, but two of them have similar name boards for their shops". This was the dilema faced by Pranav quiet often and the mere thing to remember was their names, which was also similar with the two.

    A few days when we tried to recall and move in the right direction, he was met by pedestraians who wished him leading to confusion in direction. Now Pranav madeup his mind to make a mark towards the corner of the wall on either sides of the bank. This was against the city rules which made him sad.

    Finally, a day came when one of his friend, the tailor moved to another city. Now his confusion ended but he lost his true friend too. His dilema is resolved after his sacrifice.

    Moral: Never be confused.

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    A total of 12 entries were received against this contest. As the last date of submission is over, I request the concerned editor to lock this thread.
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    Enhanced points and cc to all suitable entries have been awarded as updated by the admin.
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