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    Which is better of the two third party revenue sharing?

    Hello members, I've been urged to join revenue sharing feature of this platform. Generally speaking which is better according to your user experience Kontera ads or the Infolink in ad network. Are they still active methods used by current members to fuel their work on this platform, considering that adsense is much more viable.
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    According to me the Google AdSense is the right platform for those who wants to earn money through content writing and that is proving beneficial even in ISC site also. I am of the opinion that the earnings from Kontera and Infolink are not fetching and many members have even stopped tracking their earning chances through these two. Since Google has been closely monitoring our writings and postings, and also getting it indexed, it is imperative that we concentrate on quality article writing through which even the ISC would give good cash credits. If a full lengthy article of any subject wrote on this site would certainly be approved and even eligible for adsense once the formalities were completed. One thing is sure, if one has the niche to create writing, then the earnings would be flowing without any problems.
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    I have no idea about Kontera ads. The Info link is a known one only but earnings are not much. Among all these sites where you can participate for revenue sharing Google is the best. But these days Google is taking a lot of time to approve and I don't know when they will approve. Anyhow it is the best among the lot.
    As mentioned by Mohan Our postings on this site are being viewed by Google, you can concentrate on writing articles on this site. If you can write more about the education field and related articles you will get some CC also. You can also have the chance of Google Adsense if your application is approved. I wish you all the best.

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    As far as payment to our hard work is concerned, nothing can match with ISC which is much transparent in financial affairs. You get your dues in time. Google Adsense too pays regularly for the click on ads on ISC contents. I have no knowledge about Kotera and Infolink.
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    Out of all the revenue sharing online advertisement agencies, Google Adsense is definitely on the top and one has to apply for it and once the account is approved, earnings would start depending on the volume and quality of the contents contributed by the author in a particular host site like ISC or in his own site. Only problem in Adsense is that it has strict monitoring and any mistake by the contributor is taken as punishable. Last month by mistake I clicked on some advertisements due to wrong cursor position and now Google Adsense has debarred me for one month for revenue sharing. Another problem with Google Adsense which many people are experiencing for last 1 year is that if you view your own pages for editing and other reasons it is deducting those earnings from your total and the result is that all the earning is being deducted back and the balance is almost zero. So, this has been a setback which many of us are observing and earlier these problems were not there and many old member had good earnings from Adsense.
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