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    Is ruling in hell is better than serving in heaven?

    Some people are born leaders and want to lead rather then to be directed by others. They have a strong desire of becoming a head or boss of a group, however little or small it might be. If you give them opportunity for such a position, they would happily accept it and run it as per their whims and fancies and appear satisfied and contented. They do not mind even if the people under them are mischievous or trouble making or the environment is not healthy and conducive for working. At the same time if they are given a low position in a big corporate or organisation or group, they would avoid to accept it and would not like to work there under other people, however lucrative the organisation and its facilities might be and however elegant the environment be.

    Have you encountered such people with that type of mind set? Please share your experience or views about this.
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    Serving the heaven does not arise for the sinners, and already the heaven has well to do and sincere people who already made to the heaven and they are having the say. And new entrant may be a visitor and would be a guest at heaven and therefore no activity. Where as hell is full of sinners, tricksters, scammers, spammers, hooligans, rapists, wrong doers and above all wrong thinking persons herd is present there and they need lots of people to tame them. Hell is not orderly maintained as those who joined from the earth is making more mess of the situation and that ruling the hell department wise or group wise may be needed and accepted. And our power yearning politicians would love to rule there also by accepting small posts and try to boss over the wrong doers in their own way feeling the leadership quality.
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    That depends on the individual. Some individuals want to be happy and satisfy with whatever they have. They feel it is better to stand and drink water instead of running for milk. They will be happy to serve in a comfortable and settled atmosphere than dictating in a place where the conditions are not suitable.
    Some people will have the strength and skill to manage the issues and change the conditions for Good. Such people never mind to go and work as a manager in an unorganised place. With his skills and experience, he will convert the hell as heaven. All the people working with him will also feel happy and accept him as their leader.
    There are people who can go and spoil the atmosphere also. They can convert heaven as hell. That is their speciality. We will see such people also these days in many places.
    Personally, I always try to take up challenging work than routine work. For me, work is more important than the organisation. During my entire career, I worked as a Manager only and I supervised buildings construction, then machinery erection and then start up trails and then regular manufacture.

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    This is an amusing question. I think most of the people would like to serve in heaven. There is nothing derogatory in serving as one gets a position as per ones competence and qualification. My take is to serve in heaven.
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    Serving heaven in a peaceful atmosphere may not amuse some people since there is nothing for them where their leadership roles are fulfilled. They would rather choose a challenging atmosphere where they could dictate the people to get the job done as per their desire. Some times the job is not important but appreciating their leadership by their colleagues would please them. They are the people not interested for taking rest and so would be the case with their subordinates because of their whimsical nature. To them accomplishment of the tasks is not important rather they should have spare time to please the boss for their innovative ideas. They rather derive pleasure by living in the hell with their dummy subordinates always supporting the bosses. They can make hell into heaven if surrounded with some yes people always supporting their whimsical styles of functioning.

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    These people who dislike to work as a subordinate to other people are not in large number. Mentally, they are born as leaders. They are extraordinary sharpminded, ultra ambitious. They make their own ways in the crowd. They love their ego, money, power and what not. Affection, sympathy, cooperation, harmony, amiabilty, compromise are secondary things for them. They can't tolerate defeat. They want to win - at any cost. Facing defeat is like death for them. They can use all their stratagem, ruse, deception to overcome others. Those who come in their way are sidelined, disappeared or sometimes, Intered too if creating any danger for them.

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