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    Improve yourself, the world will change itself.

    The world does not change on its own, it has to change, but it is not as easy as we think it is that the person starting to change has to do it himself and we all know that it is very difficult to change ourselves. Most people get upset and angry due to the behavior and thoughts of other people and in this way, they not only waste their time but also spend energy. In the end, what they feel is just anger and irritability. Changing another human being in the world or expecting it from him creates very wrong and negative conditions. If every person understands his own shortcomings and tries to convert them into good habits, then the world will definitely change in a positive manner.
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    Expecting somebody else to change first, without changing ourselves is not a correct trait. The changing should start with us. First of all, you improve yourself, then only expect others to change and improve. This should be the attitude.
    These days many people always try to find fault with others. They defend themselves and try to prove others wrong. When certain things go wrong, instead of accepting our fault we will try to find fault with the system or fix the fault with some other person and play safe. This is a very bad attitude. One should have the courage to accept his mistakes and then he has to correct himself. Then people will appreciate and accept you. Instead of that, if we do some covering up activities we are sure to get a bad name and nobody will appreciate your acts. Nobody will respect that nature.
    As mentioned by the author, first change yourselves. Then the world will change on its own for Good.

    always confident

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    A story. A rich man was advised by a saint to see everything in green color for his betterment. He agreed and once return to his house he changed everything like all his curtains, walls, furniture etc., into green color. He asked all his servants, house persons wearing with green color dress; he himself wear green color dress. Next week the saint came to see him. He told the saint that he could not have any change in spite of all his efforts. He smiled and told, 'dear friend, instead of changing everything into green color, you would have used a green color glass for your eyes. You should correct yourself first and can correct others.

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    If someone is rude or his behaviour is bad with us or other people, we should ignore him. There is no need to change ourselves, however, we have to keep our tongue and anger in control, else, it may lead to quarrel - even fighting.

    If we want to reform this society, it is beyond our capacity, almost imposible but at least we can reform ourselves.

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    In Telugu there is a saying as ' Instead of asking what the country has done for you, kindly recollect what you have done for the country" same way instead of blaming the world for the change, let the change be happen from our own end. World is full of different people and varied thoughts and since every one has their own perceptions and goals, the work results are also commendable and superlative and in that case the changes are going to happen on their own. But we want to ensure that the change should be rewarding and happening and therefore wanted the change must happen from our side first.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Very true, if every one improves oneself then the whole society improves and there are less chances of conflict and confrontation. Self improvement is a key factor but that is not so easy to achieve as it requires a lot of discipline in life.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    There is a saying, "If we salute our duty, we need not salute anybody. If we pollute our duty we have to salute everybody", by famous scientist, Abdul Kaalam. We have to put efforts on improving ourselves so as to be recognised in the group on the whole. It is not an easy task but neither is it unattainable. Just cling on to your dreams to satisfy the quench for knowledge, be humble and be ready to accept change-an ongoing process in everyone's life.
    Lead the leader

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