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    What spirituality can do and cannot do

    Several questions about Nature, or God or some supernatural power have been posed by a big section of intellectuals. We really do not have any answers to complex questions. For example, in Manudharma, it has reportedly been mentioned that it is vital to follow the caste system. This is a big minus in terms of a casteless society. However, I do not know the finer details.

    However, in several communities, particularly in the Hindu religion, spirituality does help to calm down the mind; it does help individuals to take a wider and philosophical view of the entire reality around them. It helps them to stay focussed and to donate money and their wealth for certain noble causes.

    While all this is positive, the practice of spirituality also has certain weaknesses. Overdoing certain rituals with a castiest orientation does not help -- it leads to more isolation and more hatred. Similarly, everyone should participate in functions conducted at temples and promote harmony. For example, even the Tamil Brahmins participate in the Amman temple festivals but do not stay when animal sacrifice is done. The particular authorities give due respect to the feelings of the Brahmins and do not force them at all. In fact, generous donations are made to enable groups to feed thousands of devotees during these festivals and some temporary bazaars spring up all over, helping the economy flourish at least to some extent.

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    One thing is sure that there is something above us. We may call God or we may call supernatural power. We may be calling with any name, that may not be very important. But believing that there is a supernatural power which is controlling the whole world.
    If we have the fear of God, we will not do unwanted acts. We may not go for unwanted works with that fear. That will be good for the world and to our fellow human beings. When we pray God we will get some peace of mind and our anxiety will come down. Our thinking capacity will increase and we can have a better life.
    Praying God and leaving everything to Him is not a correct practice. We have to try our best and put our efforts in our deeds and then only we have to leave it to God.

    always confident

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    Spiritual Science is a vast one. There is nothing left in that. To be followed and not to be followed, everything mentioned therein. Spiritual ethics, puranas, stories are all giving us guidance to follow or not to follow. One of the example is Ravana, he lived as an example man who should not live like him. That is Ravana, though a great scholar become a cause of ruin of his own reign because of his single mistake of abducting other's wife with wrong intention. Rama lived as an example to obey father's word though it came through step mother.

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    Spirituality is a positive terrain as it brings calmness and serenity in our mind and environment. That is the main thing why many people run after it. It is something above the materialistic world and was earlier thought the area of highly eminent and scholarly people but today that limitation is not there. Any person having a positive mind can take spiritual ways of life and can progress in that area either for self realisation or teaching the fruits of spirituality to others. Some people might ask what is the use of this exercise and what would they gain out of that. The answer is simple that it is a divine bliss and pleasure that one can have if one devotes to it seriously. At the same time an early diversion to spirituality might hamper someone's growth in the career and materialistic world. So it is also an important thing to decide as at what stage of our age and life we should go for it, if at all we feel that there is a need of it for developing our mental faculties to understand the God or nature much more precisely.
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    Spirituality bring peace within as we are not indulging in waste affairs and the connect to good thoughts would always makes us to take right decisions in life. And those who are spiritually aware, they would not take hasty decisions, and they seek the opinions from many and decide on their own. That is the wisdom they draw from their experience of moving with others and understanding the need. Not that those who lost something in life, or want a boon to seek God's intervention cannot be termed as weak as they wanted to live peace and be apart from others and maddening crowd. Calm and cool living is only possible through the spiritual way as nothing can be done hurriedly nor urgently and the connect with God has to be given time and cannot be time bound and that is why many connect to spiritual life after the retirement or leisure age.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Often people think that spiritual life means giving up your desires and ambitions, but it is not true. Spirituality means what you really want in life, and spirituality helps find that. Spirituality is a way of connecting our minds with heart and soul. People often think that if you want to live in a spiritual way, you have to devote all your time to God or some other power but this is not the case. In today's time, people are short of time and it is difficult for them to make time for anything. Spirituality really helps in managing time better. You should know that spirituality keeps your mind calm so that it works better and more effectively and makes the right decision. Spirituality really helps to manage the fast-growing modern life and to train the mind to use resources properly. It helps us understand the right way to live life.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    Spirituality is a mysterious area. No one knows about it. Some preachers tell us that it is a great thing and we have to accept. I think unless one feels it from one's heart one should not accept it just for fashion.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    What's the concept of spirituality in real terms may differ but one thing is that most probably should be an integral part of this concept and thet is the detachment with materialism or at least hunger of materialism. But what I see that some of the prominent personalities of this field are materialistic minded. They are known as spiritual Gurus, notwithstanding they are spending a luxurious life. They have huge fan following and most of them are well-off who give them chunk of donations and precious gifts.

    In my opinion, spirituality refers to purification of thinking, when thinking is purified then thoughts will also be pure. They exert on purification of their soul. Their hearts are devoid of all ill feelings, greed, lust. carnal desires, debauchery, jealousy, rivalry, egoism, detachment with worldly comforts and most important quality they attain is that appreciation and condemantion don't affect them. They focus on hereafter more than mundane. They dedicate themselves to follow all commandments of Lord of this world instead of spending their lives in accordance with their own ways.

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