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    How is it that most twin children are very intelligent?

    I have seen twin children in my close family. I have also seen such children in other families and in distant places like Indore, Ahmedabad, or Mumbai, or even Ranchi, where I had lived for quite a long time.

    There is one uniform observation. Twins of both genders are rare, but when that happens, the children are very intelligent too. It is often difficult to say who is which child, because they are so similar, if it is the case of two boys or two girls. They always, as a rule, fight every day among themselves and some parents are more worried on this count. However, after they get married and they settle down, everything is fine. However, they are very intelligent in each case.

    How does this happen? Is it because of the DNA or it is due to some other factor? Those Members who know the scientific answers to this question may please share their views.
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    The twin children are intelligent because of DNA and also the nurturing traits of the parents especially the mother. Since the children are almost born within the same hour , they belong to the same star and same constellation and thus both tends to behave intelligently and there would be no dearth for their talent. But what is more surprising for me that both will be behaving like same, as they eat similarly, laugh and if we beat one the other would also cry. I have not seen personally but people who behaved with the twins have many counts of such actions as both tend do the same and their reactions are equal.
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    I think this is not universally true. I have also seen some twins. Twins always appear similar and they behave almost the same way in a given condition. But coming to their intelligence, my experience says that they are normal like other kids who are not twins. One of my friends was having twins. Both of them are not very intelligent and they did not perform well in their studies. In another case which I know the twins are just normal intelligent only.
    As far as my knowledge goes, no science says that twins will have more intelligence. I am not telling that the author is wrong. The twins he has seen may be very intelligent but it is never a general rule.

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    It is not always that every twin child is very intelligent. Based on science, there are two types of twins, one, those born of two different eggs, and the other, in which the same fertilized egg breaks into two. The similarity in twins born to an egg is relatively high, but being twins cannot be considered intelligent.
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