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    Why Metro cities could not withstand the vagaries of nature?

    Every year we are coming across floods in Mumbai, Chennai and other cities, The monsoon in some states has become the head ache and the low pressure would bring copious rains and also the night mares to the citizens of big metro cities. Yesterday's 32 cm rainfall for almost twelve hours at a stretch from noon to the midnight has created havoc in Hyderabad as we could see colonies undaunted, vehicles washed away in flash floods, the passengers caught inside the bus and could not get out. All these happens and no proper aftermath efforts taken.
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    These incidents talk about the preparedness of our State governments and administration during these heavy rains. We are all paying a lot of money as tax and the amounts are being spent by these governments. Why they never design and provide infrastructure at least in metro cities so that the life of the people will not get disturbed like this due to heavy for a day or two. A little more rain causes havoc even in very big cities. The governments should take this as a priority subject and create the facilities in such a way that the people will not face hurdles during the rainy season.
    Hyderabad is disturbed too much due to heavy rain for a day. Many roads are closed and people are not able to commute. Many employees are forced to stay at home and apply for leave. The road conditions are very in some areas of the city.

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    I am wondering about the situation like Mumbai when the rain was regular and repeated for days and in that case what would Hyderabad fate?
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    People from villages and towns concentrate in metro cities for jobs and other such opportunities and it becomes congested and choked. The existing infrastructure is totally shattered with this load and whenever some heavy deluge or some other calamity takes place then we see that the place is in shambles. Metros are prone to these situations as they have outgrown their intended sizes.
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    For developing a big city called metro large scale infrastructure and facilities are required. Just making some flyovers and metro lines does not serve the purpose. We have to extend the metros horizontally and laterally and not vertically which is the trend today.
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