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    Self-defense training should also be made a part of education

    In today's era, self-defense training of the students specially girl students is very important, because all the students go to study in far-flung areas and also go out of their homes for jobs and work after completing education. During this time, they often have to face persecution. At present, women should also be encouraged to raise their voices against physical violence and atrocities. Unpleasant incidents of molestation can happen anywhere, so every student needs to be equipped with self-protection training. In today's time, girls can be reared outside the house at any time by anti-social elements, so every woman must be given self-defense training.

    Steps have been taken by many schools and colleges in this direction, but this process must be implemented in all educational institutes. Self-defense training should be as much important as other school subjects. Members, what is your view on this?
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    This is nice thread initiated by the author and propose more girl power at the young age by giving self defending training which has become the need of the hour. We are coming across more atrocities against child, and women and in some states the occurrence is so regular and the hooligans damn care for the law or punishments. If self defending techniques are known to a girl, she can defend on her own at the first instance, and when she does so in public, the society would certainly support it. I think the mother of every girl child should create self confidence within and make the girl more powerful even at the young age, and bad touch adversities must be made known to the child so that she can take firm action at the instances and safe guard her without help from others. But a girl child should never go out or do things alone.
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    True. Self-defence is the need of the hour. We are hearing much news where girls and ladies are being harassed and receiving very unruly treatment from many unsocial elements. As these females are not having any self-defence system,s, they are suffering a lot. So this training is a necessity these days.
    In foreign countries, ladies carry chilli spray units in their handbags and if any person tries to harass her, she will spray that in the eyes of the other person. But in our country ladies are not accustomed to this. But this alone may not be sufficient in some situations. So they should get trained in Karate or similar technics.
    The parents of the girls should take interest and send their kids for some special training so that they can protect themselves when a need arises. If they learn these technics when they are in High school and Junior college, they can learn it fast and can become experts in that particular technic.

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    Self defence and networking against the offences on people specially the girls is a big need of the time. I fully endorse the view that all the institutions should take mandatory steps in this direction and some networking is to be evolved so that if anything offensive happens to the vulnerable people then others should get the information quickly and try to help the victim immediately. One thing that could be possible is by using certain auto apps in the mobile phone and other is continuous monitoring of the position of the person through GPS or other such technologies. Making a safe network umbrella under which a person can move freely from one place to another is required and parents, teachers, police authorities, and friends should be a part of that network getting the latest status of each other. Technology is already there and only people should be willing and receptive to such safety processes.
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    This is really a very good thought and until all the people are taught the self defence we would be at the mercy of the goons which are present everywhere in our society to harass the gullible people.
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