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    Is it worth to hold a friendship with my best friend for life long if he is well-wisher of me?

    Actually I am introverted by nature. I don't have any friends from school but I have only one best friend from college (during Btech) who is always my well-wisher and tried to improve me. I didn't mind if he find faults in me. He accompanied me when I was alone. He also has a good contact with my mother. No 3 years have passed since we both passed out from college. He is busy in job. Still I am struggling to find good job. He sometimes keep in touch with me and I also keep touch with him. He feels very bad for me as I am unemployed now. I got resigned from 2 jobs and he felt bad for me. He also felt bad for me when I was there in one company in near Mumbai, Maharashtra for 7 months without salary. He assured me that he will be happy and better if I do something and get a job. He always wants me to improve myself. Is it true that such a kind of good guy is rare in today's real life. Usually in college life and just after passing, I felt very inferior and jealous when he is employed and I am unemployed. Now, I have changed my mind and and I realised that everyone is not same. So I stopped comparing with him. I am trying to focus on myself as he is interested to find success in me. I have also stopped bothering any expection from him but still I want to love him as a brother from the core of my heart and contact him as long as he is alive or I am alive because he always wants me successful and interested in my improvement in all aspects of my life.
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    I think a good friend is a life long treasure and as per your description he seems to be a truly good friend. I hope, soon you would get your job of liking and hope that you would be well settled in life. Once you achieve that, it would be prudent to call your friend and reciprocate with him all the good wishes that he mentioned to you earlier. Contacting an old friend in your good days is a sign that you still care for him. So all the best for your nice friendship.
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    From the revelations made by the author, the friend seems to be caring and carrying on with good understanding and that is what needed. We may have many saying hai and bye, but they are not considered a good friend because none comes to your rescue at the time of need to do their deed. A good friend is always helpful than a relative and they even take risk of their life. Only yesterday I was watching a Tamil serial in which a friend helps his another friend to get married without the knowledge of the parents and later mediates with the parents to agree for he alliance and that is the take of the good friend. One thing is sure, we need a shoulder to lean and express our displeasure and dismay of the life and for that a good friend is enough and we need not maintain the herds of friends who prove to be costly in long run.
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    It is very good to have a friend who will be our real well wishes. From your post, I understood that your friend wants you to grow and develop. That is why he sincerely wishes always about your well being and he is in touch with you. These days such people are very less and you should not feel jealous of him. It is good you realised the fact and now you also know that he is your good friend. So you can continue his friendship.
    These days getting a good friend is very difficult. Many friends will be there but they may not be real friends. Many these will become friends when they want something from you. The moment you expect something from them, they will stop talking to you. So losing a good friend is never suggested. Be a good friend. Ask him to help in getting a job, if possible. I wish you all the best.

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    You are a lucky person that you have got such a considering friend. This is rare seeing the details mentioned in your post. It would be better if you keep your relations with him forever. Nowadays such friends are rare.
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