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    The by products of exercise, yoga, and meditation are many

    Nowadays people have become much conscious of health and take so many measures for maintaining it. Weight control is also a primary concern for many of us. Some go for regular workouts in gym or park while some go for yoga or meditation or walk or anything that keeps oneself active and fit. I have an observation that whatever activity we resort to regularly has some by products also which we get just as a default outcome of these processes. These by products might vary from individual to individual but some of the main to mention are that these things inculcate discipline and order in our lives and we learn a lot of self control and determination by these activities. Do you feel that we gain like that from these activities? Please share your views on this aspect.
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    Yoga , exercise and mediation are three different things through which a person controls himself from mental aggression, keeps the body fit and also gives the relaxation to over stressed body. Daily we put our body to use for at least 16 hours and it needs rest and tone down. The rest can be available through good sound sleep but we are not allowing the sleep to be in time by engaging in party and night outs. In that case the next day begins with dull and drowsy situation for which Yoga plays the greater role of relaxing and forgetting the stress for a while and Yoga asanas would also keep our intestines fit and going. While the physical exercise would certainly helpful to have good blood circulation, digestion and keep the body fit and mediation connects us with the eternal ethos and that is also important to seeks divine intervention during challenging period.
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    All have their own importance because all humans are helpful in making health. Yoga is not just physical exercise. Actually, yoga not only exercises the body, muscles, and bones, but it also exercises the internal organs and systems of the body itself. This is a process by which even those things can be done under our control, on which we generally have no emphasis or authority. In other words, it is as if you have achieved so much skill on your physical system that the thing which is being inadvertently and forcefully inside you, slowly starts to become conscious. It creates awareness and awareness in life. It is very important for everyone to spend some time daily with yoga or exercise to be healthy.
    Swati Sharma

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    Yoga and Exercise are different types of workouts and meditation is basically done for peace of mind. If a person does these things in a regular manner, there are many benefits associated with these activities including both physical as well as mental health. But then to pursue these things in the correct manner is equally important. I have seen many people doing Yoga but the way they do is not correct and that way. In fact, the Surya Namaskar (the very common yoga) is also not done correctly by many people. So, it is really important to learn the correct way or process of these things otherwise it may harm your body in long term.

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    Yoga, exercise and meditation all three are done for health purpose. But its importance is little bit different. Basically, meditation is done for peace of mind. Whereas, yoga and exercise are done for physical fitness. Nowadays, there are many people being seen indulge in this kind of work out due to covid-19. People believe that yoga and exercise would increase immune system of our body. So, a large number of people not only doing exercise but buying exercises related equipment. No doubt, those people who regular practice exercise would keep fit to themselves. So, it is important for everyone to practice exercise regularly.

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    Excercise is for your body heath. If you exercise daily you will have good physique and your weight will be under control. You will not have general health problems like BP and sugar if start exercising regularly from your young age. Yoga will be good for mental as well as physical health. Daily if you start doing some yoga and meditation systematically you will be maintaining good health. You will have peace of mind and you will never be anxious. You will have your emotions under control. You will develop patience and you will never get short-tempered. Daily meditation will give you very good concentration and focus on the job you have on hand. You will never be wavery. You will maintain cool even in times of difficulty. These are the advantages mainly we will get. If somebody practices these three, they will become more disciplined. You will stick to your schedule always and you will always have a plan and implement the plan in its totality.
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    It is said that virtue is its own reward. Exercise, Yoga, and meditations are themselves great things to inculcate in our routine and they have the normal benefits for all of us. It is also true that when we inculcate these virtues in our lives, we do a great deal of self control and administration which brings many changes in our lives and in many cases the whole perspective towards life is itself drastically changed. So, I agree that there are many advantages of these things than what apparently we see when we make a superficial assessment of these virtues.
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    Physical exercise is essential in the sense it can regulate our metabolism providing us host of benifits such as reduction of excess weight, maintaining healthy blood pressure and blood sugar level due to healthy blood circulation. Yoga if practiced in the correct manner can eliminate different health issues but for this correct posture is to be followed. It is always better to have a consultation of a competent guru to get the essential tips to be followed while doing yoga. Meditation will definitely take away your stress since practicing meditation will relax the entire nerves and can eliminate your negative thinking. Meditation would even restore your sound sleep. Hence all these three attributes should be included to get host of benifits both in physical and mental angle.

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