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    Our yearnings for extra comforts have effect on our earnings

    There is no denial that every wants to have the comforts of life and that is must also. But the comforts should be prioritized and not to be chosen as a matter of maintaining social status or simply because others have it. Our earning should first address the necessities , near future requirements and then only the residue amount can be diverted to the comforts. And those comforts should also be very useful and not just comforts for the sake of show off. Such extravagant should be avoided and make wise moves on purchases.
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    A very valid observation by the author. When we spend just for show off or comfort then sooner or later we fall in debt trap and then one is unable to show their face to anyone.

    We must focus on fulfilling necessity then saving and lastly on luxuries or comforts which are anyway avoidable. We do get impressed by the possessions of other and try to match them by spending more than required but that proves detrimental.

    We must focus on ourselves based on the resources we have, as only our resources and savings come to our rescue in times of need and not those whom we try to impress with our riches (which was actually not there).

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    Anyone in this world should have the concept of savings. If we are earning ten rupees, spend only nine rupees should be our concept. Then we can have a better planning of our expenses. Always trying to have more comforts and spending money and taking loans for those comforts will ruin our life.
    Some people will have false prestige. They want to show to the world that they are very rich and in that process, they will make many loans and finally, the family will get ruined. Many examples are there.
    We should know what we are and live accordingly. That will give us more comfort. We should never see the other person who appears to be happier than you. We don't know what are his problems. So thinking of having comforts which are not in our reach and trying to earn more and more for those comforts or trying to go for loans for those comforts is not correct.

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    People who can control on their unnecessary expenses are generally a happier lot. One must be alert on this account and should only go for bare necessities. Luxuries have no end. One will never be satisfied with them.
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