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    What is that one thing that seperates humans from animals?

    Dear members, we modern humans are a result of collective evolution of our ancestors. From the foundation of close knit agricultural units to the development of tools to the formation of massive civilizations. What is that one thing that makes us so different from our other cousins. In short what makes us so unique and succesful where our other cousins failed.
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    Animals have very limited desires only. They want food for taking care of their hunger. They want water for taking care of their thirst. Once those two are stratified, they are happy. A lion may never kill another lion. An animal will kill another animal when they are hungry. Otherwise, they never think of killing another animal.
    A human being is having many desires. He wants all the comforts that are available in this universe. In that pursuit, they struggle themselves. God has given them good brains and they can think well. Human beings are more self-centred these days and they never hesitate to kill another person also.
    Human beings developed many systems here in this world for the comfort of human beings. Our elders never have many gadgets at their disposal. They are getting addicted to these and trying to create more and more such gadgets for making their life easy. That is why we see a lot of difference in the lifestyle of the present generation to the lifestyle of the old generation.

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    The sixth sense present in human being is rare and that differentiates the high point for the human when compared to the animals. It does not mean that animals are less intelligent , they are not only more powerful and even have the knack to defend themselves during the crisis. But human being can use the sixth sense in better way. That they should not create harm to anyone, that they should treat everyone equally, that should care for others, that they should adjust with others. These kinds of traits cannot be found in animals as it starts attacking any animal other than its genre and even in its own gene, it would attack those which were mighty and has the chance to attack it, Unfortunately the sixth sense are not used well by the human and those who has used the same are called wise persons among us.
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    Something is special in animals and birds which is not found in human. No lion or Tiger will attack or eat unless it feel hungry, No crow will eat in a place without giving a voice to other crows. Many birds flew in groups. Monkeys and crows will collect themselves if found any other monkey or crow. It is very rare to see animals kill another animal of the same group.

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    There is difference of consciousness between humans and animals. Humans have a high degree of consciousness while the animals are having a little of that and even if you beat them after a while they will come and love you.
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    It is believed that humans are evolved from animals only. Science has found that apes or chimpanzees are the nearest to humans in resemblance and probably we are evolved from them only. Whether call it a natural accident or survival of the fittest that the human race somehow acquired much higher mental faculties than rest of the animals in the animal kingdom and the difference is so much significant that this became the most intelligent life form on the planet Earth and though we do not know but could be the best in the whole universe. So, humans have a unique power of inventing newer and newer things and some scientists believe that one day humans might be successful in creating life from the dead material and that would be a new dimension and phase in the human civilisation. So, other animals have a set pattern and limited brain power and have some basic instincts only while humans have tremendous brain power and it is said that humans have not fully utilised so far the immense brain power they are bestowed with.
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