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    Staying in a place with no governance

    Dear members, have you ever visited Auroville a futuristic suburb where there's no government rule. Everyone in this society works and earns depending on the contribution one makes to the community. Do you think Auroville like model can be replicated in metro cities and small urban towns of our country?
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    In Auroville only a limited number of people lives. The maximum capacity thought is 50,000 and even today it is not full. This city is under the management of the Central government of India . Here men and women of all countries can live in peace and progressive harmony. There are no creeds, nationalities or politics in this place. But there is governance. It is a three-level governing system. The Governing Board; the Residents' Assembly and the Auroville International Advisory Council. The highest authority is the Governing Board and this is selected by the Government of India. Once the governing board is there and the board is selected by the central government comes into the picture, politics will also come there slowly. Presently, it is a small area only. If the concept expands automatically all the evils of the society will get in automatically. So I feel it is very difficulties.
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    I also came to know about this place and it was built by Aurobindo and thus got the name Auroville. It is the fact that a small community from all the countries are living here in peace and harmony and we never heard any kind of hate or intolerance from this place so far. Even at the Aurobindo Asharam in Pondichery, any one welcome to stay and lead lonely life by working for few hours of choice and the food is given free. I had been once to the Asharam and stayed for few minutes and could see total silence as people are doing their own work, no conversation, no chatting, no gossip as only meditation and praying in front of Mother portrait. It is good feeling to have such a ambience and probably the same being followed in Auroville too. But many of this era may not like such arrangements as were were used to friendships and bonding.
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    This could be an isolated case of governance amid chaos and we would know more about it when we apply it on a large scale in our country. If it works in the larger way also then definitely it is a good model.
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