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    Bed tea on empty stomach is harmful for health

    Now a days I have been having acidity problem. When I consulted the doctor he asked me if I take bed. Yes, I do and he forbade me to take tea on empty stomach. After it I searched on internet and found that bed tea is not good for health. It causes several problems in body.

    I see most of us start their day with bed tea. They can not move to work without taking bed tea. These people are addicted to this habit. Honestly, I am one of them. Now I am trying hard to detach bed tea as the first consumption of the day.

    Tea contains caffeine which may dehydration. Taking tea on empty stomach can disrupt metabolic system as well. The acidic and alkaline substances mix together and this intervenes in the working of metabolism causing stomach cramps, dizziness.

    What do you think?
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    Any beverage containing psychoactive substance like caffeine etc should not be taken on empty stomach. This is what most health experts believe.

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    Tea is never good on empty stomach. If you are habituated to it, you may take it with some snacks or biscuits. You can also switch to lemon tea that is beneficial for health even when you take it on empty stomach. My uncle was also having the habit of taking bed tea but after having some health issues, he replaced it with a glass of warm water with honey. He says that the logic behind having a bed tea is to have something warm to start your day. So, if it the same situation for you, you can also try warm water with honey to start your day in a healthy way.

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    Warm water with honey...

    Thanks for this suggestion. Honey is good for health. I shall try it .

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    The best early morning drink is - Cooked rice choked water. The balance of the cooked rice remaining for the day should be choked in water for the night, and should be consumed adding little salt to taste. It is one of the early morning drink that keep us in a healthy state. All farmers take this healthy drink for their day long hard work.

    While coffee/tea is a British/English hot drink, Choked rice water is a south Indian cool drink. Else we can have palm juice (Padhaneer) a healthy drink.

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    The author is absolutely right. Tea is very popular in Indian society and people very fond of hot tea. One can also enjoy its many health benefits by using things like ginger, basil, cloves, cardamom, and cinnamon. But if you drink tea on an empty stomach, then it would be very harmful. The biggest disadvantage of drinking tea on an empty stomach is acidity. Consumption of hot tea on an empty stomach produces acidity in the stomach and affects digestive juices. One of the major reasons for a weak digestive system is the consumption of hot tea on an empty stomach. However, this happens not once or twice but on an empty stomach tea daily.

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    Tea or coffee early in the morning before taking any food is never suggested for good health. As mentioned by the author, we should not drink them on empty stomach. They will create an acidity problem. In our house, we take coffee in the morning after having breakfast.
    I take green tea in the morning without sugar or milk with empty stomach early in the morning after taking bath. There is no tea powder in this. This is the product from Patanjali. A spoon of this herbal powder is boiled with a glass of water and then filtered and honey and lime juice drops are added in that. I will take it in the morning. I have no acidity problem.
    After breakfast, I take coffee without sugar and I will take tea in the afternoon. I take tea also without sugar. This is my habit and I am not diabetic. I have no gas problem. Many doctors told me not to take coffee or tea with an empty stomach.

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    Fortunately our day begins with strong filter coffee and nothing less than that. We the Tamilians are habituated to have the first beverage after getting up is Coffee and there is no question of serving bed coffee. In fact our Coffee would be had only after having the bath and after praying the God. But now I came to know that bed tea cause lots of side effect and it may create acidity problem. That is why many people who have the tea early in the morning feel like bloating of their stomach and they would not feel the hungry at all and they postpone the breakfast or even skip the breakfast for direct lunch.
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    I would also say that having bed tea is not harmful. Indeed it helps us to have a free motion. How can we call the stomach as empty when it is filled with the stock of the day before eats. The stomach remains fully filled during the night. Therefore stomach is filled with some stuff to get emptied in the morning. The morning bed tea or coffee helps to clear our bowls.

    Is there anyone to deny the above fact?

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    We are addicted to tea or coffee in the morning and if we do not get it we become restless and crave for it. Being habitual our body asks for this drink. So, we take it as a habit and not as a requirement for health. In our culture it is prescribed in Ayurvedic scriptures that we should take 2-3 glass of warm water in the morning to start our day to remove the toxicity from the body that has been accumulated there in the night. Water is a great solvent and great diluter and hence it makes sense to gulp it down in the morning in place of tea or coffee to achieve those benefits.
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    Tea is a tonic to keep our bowls in order. Look at Japanese. They take a lot of tea and live for many long years. In the world, Japanese have the longest life. It is because of their tea and fish-eating habits.

    It is good to have black tea(not with milk) Milk spoils the tea and make the tea useless.

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    Taking bed tea early in the morning in the empty stomach is not hygienic because it can cause acidity. However, people are addicted to it for a prolonged time. It is not that acidity issue starts all of sudden. It may take years to notice the side effects of taking bed tea/ coffee. Acidity issue can be tackled if the tea follows after some light snacks. Taking hot water mixed with Lemon, would have soothing effect on our system and this will eventually eliminate your acidic issue.

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    People having habitual of taking tea in the morning as the first thing in the day would not believe that life without bed tea is possible. It may be harmful for stomach but once a person is habitual it is very difficult to get rid of this.
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    @SuN: I think you have misunderstood something here. Generally, common japanese people take water therapy in the morning. As per this therapy they take 4 to 6 six glass of water and abstain from taking anything for next 45 -60 minutes. It helps them easy excretion and also keep their digestion good. They take fish, rice and yes green tea.

    But this thread is about Bed Tea.

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    While you call the bed tea as bad tea, I would say it as best tea. Tea gives energy to our body. We can take a few glasses of warm water after taking the bed tea with a little gap. Tea is not at all harmful. It is the wrong thinking by people. Someone must have said "Bed tea is bad for health" and we follow it and relay it and spread a wrong message. I am taking bed tea for a long time. I do not have any problem at all. The bed tea is served while we are on bed before we make any movement out of the bed.

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    If bed tea gives you energy and doesn't harm you, it does not mean that it can be an energy boosting tonic for others as well.

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    Anything and everything that is available to us for eating or drinking is provided by God who created this world. However, anything excess is always bad for health, may it be nectar. No one has died or suffered with morning bed tea.
    Don't take a mug of tea. Simply sip a small cup of tea. That would help to rejuvenate you to feel smart after waking up from the bed.

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    @SuN: It's the best drink for you as the starter of the day. Cheer up. ! but it's not even good in the sight of others let alone be the best as you assume.

    If anything taken beyond proper limit is detrimental- Agree ; and I add that- even if excessive food or milk is taken, probably, will create some problems for stomach. But according to doctors who knows better when and how something taken even in small quantity can be harmful for our health , their suggestions have more weight than yours or mine.

    You can challenge the greatest doctors of the world if you're mentally prepared to not accept their suggestions and you can be adamant to stick to your own logic , nobody can budge you from your stand or cinvince you on this entire planet.

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    I really go with my own theory and experience. There are many false stories from the greatest doctors. If a Tea manufacturing unit, to improve the sale of tea, can bribe a doctor and ask him to say "Tea is very good for health", they would do so. And if anyone who is against the selling of Tea, and a coffee favorite, they can manipulate a doctor to say, "Coffee is a good drink than Tea."

    We are simply and blindly following what others say.

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    @SuN: It's not the matter of some commercial advertisement where doctor plays the role of a model or vice verse; or bribe is given or taken, rather, it's a normal situation applied to all of us.

    Going off on a tangent in last 3 posts for the sake of a redundant stuff is merely a dud exert.

    Should I anticipate of you going off the deep ends now?

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    Having bed tea is not good for your health. Many Indian people are habituated of taking bed tea. It causes many health problems such as acidity, indigestion, gastric. Very few people agree with this view that having bed tea on empty stomach is good for health. I have seen many people skipping the early morning tea on empty stomach as digestion related problem start. Heath experts never suggest bed tea.
    But, one thing true that if once people habituated then it is very difficult to get rid of this.

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    I conclude saying "Taking bed tea is not harmful to health. Take a small cup of black tea (50 ml), not a mugful of tea (200 ml)"
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