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    Communalizing ads is it a right thing?

    Dear members, an ad shown by a leading jewelry brand showcased interfaith bonding, an amazing display of communal consensus. Yet this ad was targeted and banned. Now many corporate ad makers are opening their voice aainst the ban. But why create this communal tension in the first place. Have'nt humans yet learned to celebrate the pluralism of Indian culture.
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    Such advertisements should be banned. No one should encourage. Criticising somebody and bringing caste and religion into commercial aspects should not be encouraged. In our country, people are very good. They live together and they never think about the caste of the other person. This is more so in cities and big towns. Only politicians will remember these things more than the public. They want to divide the people based on caste and win votes. If this aspect of caste comes in product selling also, there may be a bigger problem and there will unnecessary differences among the people. This may create a problem and we will have more tensions.
    Some people want to create problems among people and enjoy. The government should stop such communal feelings and unity if diversity is to be followed. Basically, we are all human beings. This should be kept in mind and we all should live in peace and harmony.

    always confident

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    The Tanishq advertisement was not banned but withdrawn by the company after it was trolled on social media by some people. There is nothing wrong with the advertisement. It shows an Indian Muslim family, organising a Kerala's ritual for their pregnant Hindu Malayalee daughter-in-law. The trolls called it a "Love Jihad" because the husband is Muslim and his wife is Hindu. The Tanishq company which belongs to Tata Group has withdrawn the advertisement sensing trouble from some groups. There is nothing communal and it shows communal harmony in a family which the trolls did not like.
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    I do not know what may be the reason for the ad makers to rake up the issue of Inter caste marriage as the Tata brand fully knows that it may not be accepted by the offended persons. Though the inter caste marriages are prevalent in many parts of the state, the same brought into the television through commercial ad is something Tata has done wrong keeping in view their long standing understanding of India and people. By the way their brand itself a Indian house hold name and they need not stoop to level of what has been shown on the television and good that it is withdrawn to further stop embarrassment.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Any form of communalism is wrong, so it should not be promoted in any way. Some people have made communalism an issue that is brought up from time to time for their benefit and the issue which never ends. Communalism is the mindset that is willing to destroy the past for momentary benefit and is willing to leave the future to take momentary benefit of the present and is willing to do anything for the momentary benefit. It is communalism in our country. Many different scholars have put forward their views.
    Swati Sharma

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    Many interfaith and intercaste marriages take place in our country. What is wrong if an advertisement shows a function in the house of an interfaith couple? Those who are trolling or opposing such an advertisement and resort to threats are harboring hate against interfaith marriages. Those are the people who do not like communal harmony in the country. The Government should condemn such attitudes and punish those who resort to threatening or expressing their hatred on social media.
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    Any advertisement or display prepared for communal harmony is always a welcome measure and people would like it. Sometimes there could be differences in the perceptions and it might so happen that a particular advertisement or display might appear as appeasing to a particular community or indirectly favouring it. In such cases the sentiments of common people are hurt and they can create an outrage against that and the designers of that picture immediately take it back to avoid the wrath os a group of people as they would not like to get their business affected by one small display. Nowadays, social media is very powerful and business houses are giving much respect to it.
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    Mohan Sir is absolutely wrong. There is nothing wrong with the advertisement at all. It is one of the best in India. It does not offend anyone. Nor does it affect any religion. Only some fanatics of the ruling dispensation have wrongly interpreted it and it is absolutely stupid and arrogant for these groups to do so.

    At this rate, freedom of expression will be crushed in a democratic society such as ours. It is shocking that the Prime Minister or none of his cabinet ministers are totally silent on this issue.

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    In this advertisement of Tanishq "Godbharai", social custom is shown in a Muslims family because the pregnant young lady is a Hindu who is married to a Muslim young man. This custom is held in a Hindu family when a girl conceives a baby. She is shown saying to her mother in law," Mother, This custom is not held In your family" and the woman replied, " (but) the custom to please a daughter is held (in the family)"

    Some of the people did not like this advertisement so they opposed it in social media like tweeter. Now, this ad has been withdrawn by Tanishq.

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    There is nothing wrong in the ad. However, there are many unwanted elements in our country who try to create problem for the country and the countrymen. Anyway, the company has withdrawn the ad sensing some trouble. A wise decision. If this is the state of our country, and the attitude of the citizens, how can we prosper? Very difficult.
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    I am not saying whether it is wrong or right. In 2018, Close Up brought two ads. In the first one portraying a Hindu boy and a Muslim girl and the other portraying a Muslim boy and a Hindu girl. Both the ads were trolled. From the trolls what we can conclude, I need not to explain. So, if there exists a precedence, we shall get some experience from it.

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    If the ad was right and what I have written is wrong, then why the ad was withdrawn by the reputed brand and that proves they erred and sought apology for the same.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    That is India in a new normal. People have to wake up and learn to live harmoniously with people of all religions, regions.
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    Mohan Sir, once again you are wrong. The Tata group has not compromised. I have friends working in the same group in top positions. Initially, they thought of going to court. However, in the larger interest of communal harmony, they have withdrawn the advertisement. The moral police and the Sang Parivar, which you keep on supporting for unknown reasons, is all behind this. One day will come when someone like Indira Gandhi will emerge to show these atrocious people, their place. A miracle will happen.

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    Many intercaste and inter-religion marriages are taking place in the country and it has become very common in the country. One of my known person's son married a Christian girl. Their marriage took place to times. First time as per the customs of the Hindu boy and second time in the Church as per the customs of the Christian community. The family looks after the daughter in law very nicely and the family is happy. There are no disputes. All depends on the understanding and adjustable mentality of the people. Politicians use this caste and religion for dividing and ruling the people. The public can't get into their trap.
    The people who always shout saying that Sangh Parivar is behind such incidents will never talk loudly the good deeds that are being carried out the people. There are so many incidents like what mentioned by them, but if the victim is from a different religion we will not hear any sounds and if Parivar talks about those issues these people will try to find fault with parivar only.

    always confident

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    We cannot ask one community to remain tolerant and leaving others as per their wish. All the communities should remain tolerant towards other communities, then only religious harmony can be achieved. As I have already mentioned in my previous response, if both the Close Up ads were trolled, what can we conclude? If such precedent exists, how can we expect the people to remain calm with the current advertisement? For everything we cannot blame the Sangh Parivar or the Prime Minister.

    And one member in our Forum always asks the Prime Minister to react even when a small Ant bites the member.

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    The responses are varied in nature. This discussion brings to my mind the famous Hadiya case. The Supreme Court has ordered an enquiry by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) into some interfaith marriages. The NIA investigated 11 interfaith marriages that were in the law enforcement database. Those cases were known as "Love Jihad" cases and generated lot of interest at that time. A prominent right wing group was very active as it was supposed that an Islamic group was behind these marriages which were aimed at converting Hindu boys and Hindu girls to Islam. In this context, the Supreme Court ordered an enquiry by the NIA. The agency after enquiry reported that it has not found any evidence to suggest that Hindu men and women were being coerced to marry and convert to the Islam. The case was closed.
    The interfaith marriage is a choice between two individuals. There is no need for others to get worried. If there is an advertisement with interfaith couple and if some people find objection to it, there is no meaning to it. The times are changing and many interfaith marriages are taking place. We have to accept it.

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    Anything that is presented in a banner form or as an advertisement or as a display or even discussion in TV channel should not be biased to a particular community or group as that can hurt the sentiments of the common people. There are many other ways of showing an advertisement and why we are interested only in showing the love and affection between the two different communities. Let love flow otherwise and not through advertisements.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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