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    What is the biggest defeat in life?

    To accept your defeat as the end and not to try the next is the biggest defeat in life. It does not mean that you do not accept your defeat, you cannot win without accepting your defeat. When you are disappointed with your defeat and your efforts and then if you do not give yourself another chance then it will be a defeat. And this second chance should not just mean chance, it should be your goal. Your goal is where you hit your target. Lost you confidenceIt is the second biggest defeat in life. If you will not trust yourself in your life, then you will never fight in your life, or you will not be able to fight with any condition. Members, what would be the biggest defeat in a person's life? Please share your opinion.
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    Betrayal is the major biggest defeat in life. A father/mother or a brother is never tolerate when he deceived by their own son or brother. Mostly no parents will do for their children with any expectation but if they got deceived at their old age it is intolerable. I have seen an elder brother took care of his younger one from his childhood and made his marriage everything, But when the younger drive the elder from the house after his marriage the elder cannot tolerate this defeat.

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    For me the close friend behaving strangely and getting out of the life is the biggest defeat, because we do not make everyone as the friend and those who understood us fully and be with us in good and bad times are regarded as best friends and if one such person betrays or leave permanently from our life and sight would be the greatest blow which we cannot adjust for years together because our every success and weakness was known to him and such betrayal at al time when we want his presence the most cannot be digested. I think many members may also would have the same feelings.
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    If somebody thinks life as a race then not coming first in a particular aspect can be considered as a defeat to that person. Otherwise, there is no specific need to think of defeat in a person's life. Different people behave differently in various situations and it is not possible to say what will make the person feel sad or express regret. We experience many things and handles various situations and it's all part of our lives. Some experiences are good and some are really bad that makes us contemplate. Remembering the bad experiences and gathering knowledge from them is essential to move forward. Not looking forward and thinking only about our bad experiences will be of little use which we must avoid.

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    The biggest defeat in our life is our total breakdown due to a bad experience and despite our best efforts, we are not in a position to shed such tragic feelings. The philosophy of life is to understand the essence of each event comprising horrible and sweet one. We should not stuck up with the same event. Hence our effort should be to learn some positive things out of the bad ones. If we could analyse the reasons of failure, and then steps taken to rectify them is our our next step. Sometimes the reason of our failure is our overthinking often diluting our concentration to achieve success. Events, behaviours of men, places are always changeable. Hence we should not be over influenced with such things.

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    Biggest defeat in our life is when we are not able to concentrate and focus in a work or job in hand and feel to abandon it. Escaping from the task or lethargy in attempting it is the biggest defeat, as I perceive, in our lives. In this, no one else is defeating us as we ourselves are responsible for it and cannot blame any other person for the consequences. External defeats are easy to overcome with renewed efforts and repetitive trying but internal defeats are much more severe and it takes a lot of self control and discipline to fight with them and win eventually.
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    Getting defeated by a defeat is the biggest defeat in one's life. I feel. In our lives, we will be undertaking many assignments and we sincerely work for completing the work successfully. But it is life and sometimes the end result will not be as expected. This is a defeat and we will get demoralised with such happenings. Worrying about the defeat, surrendering ourselves to that defeat and not trying again by correcting ourselves is the biggest defeat in life. People will be waiting for a chance and they will start pulling you down. But you should not yield to the pressure. You should strike back. Study the reasons for the different outcome and understand where correction is required and give a big attempt again and you will be successful. This is how one should overcome the defeat. But thinking that we have lost forever and not attempting again is a crime. We all know that failures are the stepping stones for success.
    So don't worry about the defeat. Try again with a more focussed approach. You will come out successfully.

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    I consider lack of trust in self, family, colleagues, friends- as the most onecontributing factor to one's defeat.
    Self confidence with sincere and focussed efforts and optimum confidence in people around us can make us successful.

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