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    Mostly women in Indian society are still careless for their own breakfast.

    You must have heard this saying many times that breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a beggar. This saying that has been going on for centuries has a lot of meaning. Nutritionists, dieticians, and doctors likewise recommend food and drink.

    Often people have the habit of eating their midday and dinner meals but do not take breakfast in the morning regularly and properly which can be very harmful. People who want to lose weight should also have breakfast, just keep in mind that it does not contain more than 10 grams of fat. Eat small meals during the day, but breakfast is a must.

    Nowadays when people are becoming conscious about their health, breakfast is being given value, but still, it is often seen that women who take care of the health of the whole family do not take care of their own health, most women avoid having breakfast for themself. Women are an important pillar of the foundation of the home, their health should be on a priority.
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    Rightly observed by the author that the Indian women is more caring towards Husband and children and she makes all arrangements for their breakfast and even prepares lunch box for them to be eaten in the noon. Most of the women finish their work by 11 am or so and the sit in front of the tv for a while and then have the food. That means breakfast has been skipped and lunch has been taken as wholesome. But the households must realize that the name break fast has come because we have to break the fasting in the morning hours as we have already given 12 hours of fasting to the stomach and now the time to eat something. Not minding this when the house holds skip the break fast and eat the lunch, they are denying good health for themselves and thus obesity sets in for postponing or not eating the food at regular time at all.
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    It is correct to say that the Indian women are mainly concentrate on their family members rather than on self. A spiritual discourse speaker told once in a speech, if husband or son going to market to fetch vegetables they buy only the items which are all liked by them but if mother or wife go to the market she will buy only items liked by all house members other than herself. In many houses the ladies will serve the whole food to house members and she took whatever the balance available. This is nature in almost all women. We can see many gents used to go to hotels alone but no single lady will go to the restaurant without son or husband or father. In that way they are concentrating their mind in the mornings mainly on their house members who are moving out and they totally forget their breakfast.

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    Very true noticed by the author. Most of the Indian women are more caring towards their family member. She always prepares those dishes in the kitchen which are liked by family members. She always eats her food at last whether breakfast or dinner. Generally, Indian women have their breakfast after completing all household work. So, she sits for breakfast by 11 o'clock at the earliest and often skips their breakfast. Thus, she never gives priority to her health. This way, sometimes she has to face many health problem. Come what may, women's health is important for a healthy family.

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    Correct, Housewives will never take care of their eating needs. Not only breakfast but lunch and dinner also, they will adjust with whatever is available. They take more interest in giving food to the family members. Some times the curry or the side dishes or the main course of food may not be sufficient to them as they are the last eaters. They will adjust with whatever is remaining. Many times they always go to bed with half-filled stomach only.
    Many times in our house my wife will stay back till all others complete eating and she will manage with whatever is available. But these days I am also staying back and we both are eating together.
    Ladies work a lot and if they are having enough intake they will have health problems. This should be understood and they should take care of themselves. Sons, daughters and husband should see that she eats properly and take care of her. Then only the family will prosper.

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    Housewives are generally busy in the morning time in managing the household chore and give meals to the office goers or school going children and in the process either their breakfast is delayed or they skip it to take the lunch only. So, it is happening in most of the families and only solution is that other members should help them to a little bit extent and may be then they can also take it with others in the morning time itself. We have to take their care if they are not able to take their own. If we only think about ourselves then they would remain in that phase only.
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    It is for the other family members to take care of such women in the family. Paying lip service, highlighting by writing in social media all can get likes. But it is very easy to take care of a loving member in one's own family. That is what is real affection, care and responsibility to one's family.
    If(to the maximum possible extent) the family members can sit together for at least one time in a day for meals, snacks etc then the family relationship becomes stronger and each on can have the knowledge of the difficulties and goodness of the other members. Each member should feel that it is family and not a paid hostel. Family means mutual care and affection.

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