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    Education should never ever become totally private

    There has been a big revolution in many States like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, where education at the elementary and primary levels is far better than most other States; in these States, a good deal of importance is given to the local language and not Hindi. It should be noted that Hindi is not the main language. In fact, this should always be the case.

    However, there is some tall talk that the New Education Policy might open up the doors for the private sector and make higher education have private sector participation to a far greater extent than as of now. It should be noted that there are vast masses of people who sitll cannot afford to educate their children in costly colleges -- be that for engineering, medicine or whatever.

    We need Government institutions and the spending on infrasturucture should also proportionately increase. It is ridiculous to even think of handing over most of higher education to the private sector.
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    When the government offers free education from KG to PG, there are no takers by feeling that the quality of education may be far behind. In fact Telangana government is giving big fillip to the government education for all and especially to the girl child. But unfortunately the parents who are earners both, are not agreeing to the free education concept as they believe free education is do not go well with in future when the career for job start. Coming to the point of giving local language as compulsory, it is must for every state govt to have first language as their mother tongue or state language and second language must be Hindi. Unfortunately TN has been opposing Hindi as there is political compulsion on the people to tow that line and the new education policy will not force anyone to learn Hindi as thought by the author nor the private schools will fly high.
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    Education should not be privatised. I agree with the author. There should be government schools. government colleges and government universities. In these institutions, fees should be as low as possible. In the 1970s the situation is like this only. But in Karnataka and Tamilnadu many colleges in Engineering stream came and people from other States started going there. That is why the governments in other States also encouraged privatisation. The government is spending a lot of money, but quality education is not coming from government institutions.
    Another problem in government institutions, many merit students were not getting seats due to reservation policy. Where they will go then. How many schools and colleges can be opened by the government.
    Today in many schools of the government sector. there are no students. Why? Even a poor person also is not ready to admit his kids in a government school. Is it the problem of the government? Why the employees and teachers work and see that they impart good education to the students?
    Like this, there are many questions which are not answered by anyone.

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    The author is right that the total privatization of education will not do, but to some extend privatization of education is fine, but it should not be commercialized, private schools are necessary along with government schools in the state but education should not be commercialized. Private schools should also cooperate in the government's efforts to make the children of the country a leader in education and a qualified citizen of the country. Under the Right to Education Act, education in schools should be made available to students with complete transparency. Efforts should be made to improve the quality of education. Government schools are also working fast in this direction. Private schools should also cooperate fully in these efforts. If the institute is an educational family, we will definitely see great results. In this family, directors, teachers, students, and parents should work in mutual coordination.

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    All children should be provided education in their mother tongue and the option of learning other languages also must be there. While in a large country like India, it is not possible to manage everything by the government so private players are coming into the scenario but most importantly the quality of education provided by the government-run schools and colleges should be up to the mark. The problem with most of the government services in our country is the employees take their services for granted and do not care much for the job because they know they will neither be questioned nor punished. The same thing is observed in the government-run educational institutions and teachers do not care much about the quality of education. Many of the teachers think teaching is like any other profession and forget they have a responsibility to build the character of the future generation. While I agree that education in our country should not be managed totally by the private sectors it is also to be seen that quality education is provided by the government-run institutions.

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    Govt can easily manage the education sector itself but the problem is the quality and usefulness of that education. We may be for Govt education and support it and fight for it but when it comes to the education of our children we send them to the top private institutes from where they have a greater chance of making a good career. Govt cannot make all the institutes like IIT as that would not only ask for a large expenditure but require quality instructors and quality students. So, Govt cannot alone run the education sector and that is why we have a mixed system. Now it depends on the Govt as what should be the ratio in those mixing and how much we can afford to give to the private sector. Private people are always ready to grab any business opportunity and whatever share Govt gives to them they would happily accept. It is up to the Govt to consider pros and cons of this before going for privatisation in a big way.
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