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    Has Covid-19 Pandemic affected your routine checkup at the hospital?

    Covid-19 has affected in many ways in personal and commercial life. I have observed that many persons are not visited the hospital for their routine checkup. They are scared that they may catch Covid-19 Virus if visits the hospital.

    The routine check-up is very necessary for the patient of some diseases like Diabetes, heart problem, Blood pressure, etc.

    Has Covid-19 Pandemic affected your routine checkup at the hospital? If yes, then how are you managing?

    My father has diabetes and blood pressure. We check diabetes and blood pressure at home on a regular interval and consult the doctor on the phone if necessary.

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    Today the situation is such that people are afraid to visit a hospital or test lab or even pharmacy until it becomes essential to visit there. This is mainly due to the threat of getting it from places like hospital where chances of this virus aggregation are more of course in limited pockets in a contained way. Doctors and nurses are taking utmost care and taking all the precautions. It is an unprecedented situation and every one is concerned to less or more extent. As regards the routine check ups of elderly people, most of them are differing it with a word with their doctors. Anyway, in emergency one has to go to hospital as there is no other way.
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    I am a diabetic patient subjected to routine checkup for at least once in a month and I am getting attended to the doctor with ease. Not all the hospitals are Covid centrist and the doctors are available for consultations and treatments. But much care has been taken as regards to maintaining social distance, sanitizing hands, and wearing glouse and mask. Since we are regular patients and the medicines are regularly taken at the nearby generic medical stores, our medicines are reserved for us monthly and that is continued. Only for change the medicine we have to consult doctors and periodical diagnose of blood sugar has been done at the clinics and reports submitted to the doctor through social media platform for further review. So I feel the pandemic has not affected my medical attention on the prevailing medical need.
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    The author is right that due to corona, many routine check-ups have been interrupted, many diseases occur in which people have to visit the hospital or clinic again and again but due to the corona epidemic, the patients are afraid to visit themselves and on the other side Some of the doctors themselves are not taking cases. During this time, there have been a lot of problems for pregnant women as well, checkups, ultrasound, etc. of pregnant women have been interrupted in the lockdown. Although there is a facility of delivery in government hospitals, they are facing the most problems in reaching hospitals. While private hospitals are not taking delivery cases largely due to corona. But nothing can be said right now, how long this epidemic is going to be in our life, so it is better that people eliminate fear and increase precautions and take care of their health.

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    In the prevailing pandemic situation, we have to look out alternative ways at least for measuring blood pressure and sugar level. Though the blood pressure fluctuates the whole day and this is applicable to all. I note down the same as shown in the omron apparatus not on regular basis but once or twice in a week to see if the results are within range. Similarly results obtained through the glucometer in my household form the basis of my observations. In that sense, results obtained through blood test in a pathological lab would be more reliable where as glucometer tests are nearly accurate with some deviations. However, in the present situation, I think, is the only way to record our blood pressure and sugar levels.

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    True. The author is right. Many doctors are not coming to their clinics. My father is having anxiety neurosis and he is under the treatment of a psychiatrist from the last ten years. He will be visiting once in six months and the doctor will see him and if necessary he will prescribe some tests. Now that clinic is closed and the doctor is not seeing the patients. He is talking to them online and prescribing medicines. My father saw him in his clinic during October 1019. He was supposed to visit him again in March 2020. But he couldn't. He talked to him and continuing the medicines. Again he has talked to him last month. The same is the case with many other people also.
    This COVID 19 has created many indirect problems like this too many patients and they are all suffering a lot and the hardships are very high. Even in case of serious problems also the hospitals are not admitting patients unless otherwise tested negative for COVID 19.

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