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    The noise that was not unusual but memorable

    I heard a bang on the wall inside the room in the morning. It increased in due course and I realised that one was using a drilling machine on the wall on the other side. It's very natural to have a common wall when you stay in a flat and when flat owners are repairing their rooms others get to hear a lot of noises. Along with this noise, a picture flashed in my mind. The picture of a man sitting on his bed with his morning cup of tea.

    This was described by my friend some time ago when he used to stay in a rented room for his work in a neighbouring state. On a holiday, he decided to carry out some carpentry work in his room though I was not aware of his expertise in carpentry till then. At first, he used the drilling machine to make two holes on the wall and miserably failed. Then he took out the hammer and a sharp chisel-type tool that he arranged from someone to make the holes. He placed the pointed sharp tool on the wall and stroke the hammer on it. After a few more strikes, with a reasonably loud noise, a big chunk of a portion of the wall fell on the other side, that is on the other room separated by the wall, where a man was sitting on his bed with a cup of tea. The description of the man in that position, when the portion of the wall was damaged, was so precisely given by my friend that his face came in my mind when I heard the loud noise from the other side of the wall in the morning.
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    The life in flat when it was drilled and disturbed by other flat residents was well brought out by the author. It is the fact that most of the apartments have common walls and that is not thick enough, at the most they would be nine inch wall and that can penetrate the sounds from other side and also create cracks to the wall if banged with hammer to insert a nail. In fact there would be instructions from the builders and the flat maintenance office that nails should not be inserted and the walls should not have holes. Now a days sticking wall hangers are available to hold any kind of weight and they are preferred in such flats where in sound and banging is prohibited. One thing is sure to be understood that even though it is our own house or flat , we cannot take decisions for the sake of others and this one is such.
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    Yes. Sometimes it happened so. Last Saturday, our street road was leveled with a JCB by corporation authorities and left as it was without layering the street road with tar and stone mixture. But all of sudden yesterday night, that is today morning by 3.30 pm a huge sound we heard amidst our sound sleep. In the morning by 6.30, a super road have been laid with tar and stone mix. It is pleasure to see though an unusual noise we heard.

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    I am also living in a similar condition in a flat and any noise in the adjacent flat is easily heard here and we get confused whether it is coming from our house or adjacent house. This is a perennial problem in such dwelling arrangements in big cities where multi-storeyed houses are very common. The one described by the author is of course an extreme case of carelessness by the neighbour.
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    True. When we stay in apartments where some of the walls are common with the neighbours, we face such problems. Before shifting to my own individual house, I stayed in my own apartment. There I faced such problems. Later on, I sold off that apartment. When the family staying on our top, we hear peculiar sounds. They will be changing the positions of their furniture. They will be pulling the chair or cot and they may be nailing the wall. All these activities will be making some sounds and we have to bear with it.
    In an apartment of my friend, they suffered a lot due to a leak of water from the above apartment's toilet. They have to redo the entire civil work in that area for the toilet and then only the leak stopped.
    Definitely, we have to face such issues in apartments. But there may be some advantages also in living in apartments. We have to see those advantages and get satisfied and go on with the problems only.

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