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    Wasting time is losing money

    Many people have habit of idling their time in laziness and when we ask them why they are not doing such and such things they would say that they have no time and even if it is there then no one is giving them any job also and their earnings are miserable. They do not know that by wasting their time they have lost a great opportunity as time lost is nothing but earnings lost. Time is the most valuable thing that we all have equally hand been bestowed upon by nature but few of us are able to reap its benefits. If someone says that one has no time then it clearly means that one is escaping from work. Do you agree?
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    Every moment of life is precious. Money has no value before time. Time is incomparable. If you have lost all your money, don't worry, you can regain all your money back. As money comes to you to go someone else. But once this precious time is gone, is gone forever. Those who waste their precious time are foolish. They repent for wasting their time once it is gone and they realize what they have lost.

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    Those who never respected the time, they are always the losers because the lost time will not come back nor we can revisit the past gone time. Those who have used the time wisely are the beneficiaries in long run and some have the knack of using the time with multi tasking and they proved to be intelligent. One thing is sure, do the work in hand, finish the task early and take rest and no one would be bothered or asked questions but there are people who waste time on others gossips and others issues and they are unmindful of the fact that they are losing precious times of their own life. And using the best time is also an art. Some have the habit of wasting time on sleeping over hours and that is nothing but lethargic towards work and that leads to fatigue and laziness is future. Therefore respect the time and it will give you opportunities.
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    Both time and money have their importance in the life of every human being, but still, why is it that people ignore its importance. Talking especially of the young generation nowadays, we have seen that in this generation, carelessness is increasing with laziness. Thoughts like spending money-wise, good use of time do not matter in his life. Suppose it is necessary to live life well, for which it is necessary to spend some amount of time along with rest, entertainment, but for human beings, what is the extent of all this. The importance of time can be understood from the fact that time does not come back after leaving and then only regrets, so appreciate time as time passes, otherwise, the world will not appreciate you. To use it, it is most important to understand the main priorities of your life and complete them at the right time. Only with the proper use of time can you achieve success in all areas of your life.

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    Time is the essence of everything and I consider it as the most important thing in our lives as the total amount of time available to an individual is fixed and it is his choice as how to use it either by sheer wasting or in a creative work. There is no limit to the creative productivity of human beings and many people have done miraculously much in their lives as compared to others though all of them had same time period available. Time is to some extent a mysterious entity and understanding it properly and constructively might require some hard work but that is essential if one wants to utilise it optimally.
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    Time management is a skill and it would depend entirely on one's skill and experience to carry out the job. Some can accomplish a job speedily but for others completion of the same job would take some more time. However, it is altogether a different story of time - management. The importance of time can be gauged when we see some tea stalls opened at 4.30 am and they work continuously till it is 8 am. Initial years may be the struggling years but with the progress of time, some of them have managed to operate hotels making brisk business in that line. They have realised the importance of time and worked accordingly making Lakhs of rupees every month, though many of them are not lucky enough to have class ten even, but in terms of earning money, they are no less than IT professionals. They have the vision to forge ahead with their mission. Their success is attributable to recognise the time. Their colleagues are lagging behind due to lack of analysis of timing.

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    Time Management is an important one to us in our daily life. Many of us, for that, waste their money by thinking that they are very calculative in time management. I used to reach railway station half an hour before the train start to leave. Many of my relatives mocked me for this habit as I am wasting my time in railway station. But one time as we six of our relatives planned to go to New Delhi. Myself and my wife went to station from our house as usually before one hour. Four of us have to come from their house which was twenty six kilo meters from our house. As per their practice they started one hour from their house by a taxi. Due to traffic congestion, they could not reach the railway station in time and the train was bound to move. We were at puzzle as the ticket was also with them. We alight from the train with luggage (including eatables for one whole day journey for six persons) and the train went without waiting. After fifteen minutes of train left they came inside in hurry. Then we cancelled the tickets and went to New Delhi by catching flight on the next day morning. For this entire food prepared, taxi to station, taxi back to house, taxi to airport, air fair all such additional expenses. According to me over calculative in time keeping is not correct and we should leave some margin for others though we have to spend some time in wasting.

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    It depends on the type of job you are doing. If one is paid for a job according to the time she/he spends to do the task then surely wasting time means losing the money, otherwise, there is no such direct relationship between time and money. Time is indeed valuable and we all have to utilize time efficiently. If one has no time it doesn't always mean that she/he is trying to avoid doing a task because when somebody is busy with a particular task it may not be possible to spend some time for other tasks. The case is different for people who do not wish to carry out a task. They will always find excuses by saying they have no time for anything because it's their nature to sloth around without doing anything.

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    Time is very precious. We can't get the time back once it is passed. So wasting time is wasting our life. If we miss a bus by a minute also we can't get back that bus. So wasting time is very bad. Generally, I will be always doing something or other. Even I don't like sleeping during the day time. Some people feel that they should sleep for some time during day time also. Somehow I am not very convenient with that Idea.
    These days many people are very busy and they try their level best to use the time properly and fruitfully. The VIPs will be working for more than 15 hours also in a day. They find it will difficult to cope up with time and they will be always running behind the schedule.
    As mentioned by the author some people when they have chances also, they will not utilise and waste their time and finally lost everything in their life. I know a person in our village. He go on visiting houses and spending time without any productivity. His wife has to manage the family.

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