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    Who has the original copyright of a film song?

    In making a film song, many are involved. The lyricist, the music composer, the singer, the film director, the film producer.

    Now the question is - Who has the original copyright for a song? Is it the person who wrote the lyrics for the song? The person who got the tune and composed the music? The person who gave his voice and sung it as per the music director? The person who demanded a song for the film by paying money for it?

    Let us discuss it.
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    According to me the lyricist has the right over the song because he is the one who spends time and come up with creative lyrics to suit the scenes and the motto of the film and also to suit the actors who are being made the song and the lyrics would also facilitate the music director to tune the music accordingly. The producers and directors are mere audience in this regard as they are going to be benefited if the song goes hit. That is the reason being so the song writers are most sought after. Gone are the days when the lyricists were told about the story line and where and at what situation the songs would come up and they have been given time to cherish such songs, which goes into the minds of the people and also carries the film to the next scene. Such songs are not available these days and we are treated to unwanted songs in the middle.
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    I also believe that the copyright of a song should belong to the person who wrote it because the copyright of his work is automatically generated as soon as the creation of that work is done on any work due to the effect of copyright law. Only the creator should have proof of that. Although a song is considered complete only after the song is created, the words of that song are originated by the author, hence the copyright should be considered in the same name.
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    The copyright of the song should be with the person who paid for getting written. A writer will write songs for movies and the producer will pay for it. Similarly, the music director will provide the tunes and he will also get paid by the producer. A singer will sing the song and he will also receive payment for the same from the producer. So the rights for that song should be with the producer.
    If the writer is writing on his own and keeping with him, the copyrights should be with the writers only. If anybody wants to use the song they should pay money to him. If a music director tuned it and somebody is using the same tunes the music director should also be paid.
    SP Balasubrahmanain used to give programmes in other countries he was singing songs with the music given by other music directors. Then, Iilaya Raja, a music director filed a case against the singer and then there were negotiations and Balu paid some money to Raja.

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    What I would say is - The film producer is the owner of the copyright of a song. He is the person who initiates action to get a song for his film. He asks the director, the director asks the music director, the music director asks the lyrics writer. When the lyrics is ready, the music director pays the lyricist , and ask a singer to sing and pays him. Finally the entire payment is from the producer only. Therefore the film producer has the copyright of that song. But the film producer will be nowhere, no one will appreciate the film producer, but the lyricist, Music director and singer only.
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    Sun I would not agree with the view point that since the producer is all in all to make a film, he has the copy rights of the songs and film. Though producer has the budget and invests the money, it is the song writer who pens good words for the lyrics and that makes the producer and director to decide on the location, sets, the dress code for the lead characters and above all the music director has to give the befitting rendering. In olden days the lyrics and music were done by same person like AM Raja who also sung many songs. In that case the planning for music would go easy to suit the lyrics. And while giving credits to the film , it is the producer who carries the first name, then director, then comes the music director. The lyricist coolly forgotten to be given the honor but only All India Radio recognized the importance of lyricist as they mention their names for every song it plays.
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    I think copyright is the option of the writer or the lyricist of that particular song. If he wants to keep it with him and just allow some producer to use it then it could be one option or he can sell it outrightly for a sum so that the copyright passes to the producer. As per copyright act no one can use that song for any commercial purposes if one has not taken the consent or permission of the person who owns the copyright.
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    Mr. Mohan,
    The lyric writer writes it on demand from a film producer through his director/music director. The lyricist gets the money for his work. It is like selling a thing to someone. After taking the money, he loses the ownership right. Finally, the film is the copyright of the producer who has the right over the entire film, including the songs.

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    If the lyricist treated as the seller of his lyrics and thereafter does not have the claim, then why the names of the lyricist carried on the credits of the film and records.
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