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    Why China getting rattled over India developing border infra?

    In a record time the Border Security organization has built and completed 48 bridges across the line of control abetting the China border and thus created more clear access to the forward bases for the troops to drive smoothly and also establish the infrastructure of war equipment. This is for the first time huge investments were made to create border infra and the China is getting rattled. It is none of their business to interfere and object to our infra developments. What the members has to say on this issue, has China going overboard on every issue with India?
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    China has a policy of expansion and under that ambition it had long grabbed Tibet. It has a strong desire to grab some parts of India and then claim that thee were already under it. But today India is not sleeping but all alert from any such move. Though India does not unnecessary offend its neighbours but knows well as how to defend itself. Border roads and bridges and other infrastructures are being placed in light of this thought only. Seeing all this now China feels that it cannot fulfil its evil dreams of occupying some close Indian territories. So, it is now under control in that aspect.
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    Now it is the time to claim back what ever illegally occupied by the China to assert our supermacy.
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    Working for our own defence will never be a problem and it is required also. Who will object and what is the right they have? As long as we are in our limits and not getting into their territory, they can't say anything against that. These days India is also becoming very strong and don't want to surrender easily to others. We have very strong leaders and they are taking care of the security of the country. So we should not unnecessarily bring them down. If any person talks anything in a different tone we should object for that.
    In Mahabharat, Yudhistara told his brothers that when there is a problem between Pandavas and Kauravas, Pandavas are five and Kauravas are 100. But if there is a problem with the third party, they should be 105. This rule should be accepted by all Indians and we should be united when we have to face the enemy.

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