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    What do you do when you are bored?

    You will often hear some people say that I am bored. This is the biggest problem of the present time. Some people stress too much work, some people get stressed due to less work. Some people start getting bored with the same type of work, people who are constantly bored get dull in their lives. Due to boredom, the human body does not operate properly. Being bored is a normal process that never bothers anyone, even you and I feel bored sometimes. In such a situation, we all look for some solution, for example, whenever I am bored, either I hear the old tales of the family from the elders of my family, or if there is no one, I will overcome my boredom by listening to music or reading books sometimes.

    Members, please share what you do when you are bored, after knowing many ways to overcome from boredom, we can help each other.
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    I pick up my phone and start browsing net. These days due to internet we cannot feel bored as there are lots of things one can do on the phone.

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    Feeling boredom is not due to availability of more time, as it is generally perceived. It is actually a psychological condition. One person can feel bored in one situation while other does not feel bored in the same. One has to change the mindset to avoid the feeling of boredom in life. Actually people feel bored when things do not happen as per their wishes or they do not have any occupation or they think a lot but act less or they do not have company or they are not basically creative or they feel that everything is useless and life is a big trouble. So, we have to remove these things from our mind and take appropriate actions and we would find ourselves so busy that there would be no time to feel boredom. Same things which we just view and feel bored become very interesting when we participate in them.
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    There is no question of being bored as there would be continued work on week days and also on holidays. The life has to be planned on daily basis and the time be allotted so that the boredom should not arise. But when you continue the same work and go through the same type of work, then boredom certainly arise. For example going to office and coming down is tedious journey and that is the reason being so, I take one route while going to office and come down through another route while reaching home. This way the distance would not be felt nor the tiresome. Likewise if we do the repeated works at the home also the change should be needed to break the jinx. And if the works gets divided between the persons or the members of the family, the fatigue or boredom would not set in and in case too much more boredom then go for soft Instrumental music.
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    Nowadays the word 'bore' become rare as many of us are strongly busy with the mobiles. As the mobiles arrived vastly, the habit of hearing radios, reading books, etc., got vanished. As to answer the question, whenever I find time, I used to read the books and cleaning garden unwanted plants.

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    I play with my granddaughters when I am feeling bored. When doing a certain activity for a long time we may feel bored in that activity and think of doing some other work. We will look for a change. Whenever I want a small stopgap arrangement I will try to spend some time with my granddaughters.
    These days all are having laptops and mobiles and internet facility is available to many of us. So we need not worry. We can spend hours together on these gadgets. There may not be any boredom if we use these gadgets for longer hours.
    I started posting to this thread. My granddaughter came and disturbed me. She started seeing Rhymes on this laptop and I was talking to her. Just now her grandmother came and diverted her on some other activity. So now I started typing again. So where is the chance for boredom for me?

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    With the availability of internet and facebook, the question of boredom doesn't arise. However, If at all the internet and facebook doesn't help me from boredom, I pull up my blanket, close my eyes and get into my dream world. I go back to my childhood days and sleep silently for many hours to get up for a fresh tea or coffee. Else, I wear my dress and leave home for a long walk and get into a hotel to sip a cup of coffee or tea.
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    Adding a variety always helps to get out of boredom. When we do repetitive tasks for a long time we feel bored. All of us follow a routine in our regular lives and if we carefully look into the routine we will find that many of our tasks are repetitive. Even in our workplace, we do some repetitive tasks. If you feel bored, it is better to restructure a little bit the regular routine that you follow. We also feel bored if we are forced to do a task that we do not like. Too much stress may also be the cause of the boredom. You need to find out why you are feeling bored and take remedial actions accordingly. If you enjoy the things you do, you will not feel the boredom. But when you are bored do something that makes you relaxed. It may be listening to music, stretching out, writing, reading a book etc. Every day, have some time for yourself so that you can introspect. This will help a lot.

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    I usually keep a list of to do items which may include short term ones as well as long term ones. Some of them may include shopping for some product, doing some research about some product online, etc., When I feel bored, I take my list and check. If there is any item that I have written to purchase later, then I will pick that one and do some research online to identify where I get that item for the best price and quality. Because whenever I do online shopping I do lot of research to check where I can buy that cheaper, are there any offers, coupon codes, etc., Apart from these, I also browse internet and go through facebook posts from mobile.

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    To avoid boredom I usually resort to listening of songs or pursuing some hobby like painting or crafting. These things are very engrossing and you do not know when the time passed by so fast.
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    Yes, in the current scenario, it has really become difficult to pursue the same tasks on daily basis. To enjoy any work, we need an interest in the same but when it became monotonous, it becomes boring for us. Whenever I feel bored with my regular tasks, I like doing painting and art-related work. I have varieties of colours including poster colours, acrylic colours, textured sheets, etc. This activity helps me to engage my son also as he also sits beside me with his drawing book and try to copy whatever I am doing.

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