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    Publishing research articles on this platform

    Hello admins can we publish orignal research articles on various topics here on Isc, since research articles too fall into the academic zone. Do answer this query.
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    Please be more specific. Research articles in what sense? Are you writing an article based on research done by you or articles of research studies done by others? The latter will not be accepted, as already published research will have copyrights that do not permit reproducing any part of it.

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    If the research articles are of yours and not published anywhere else on the internet , then ISC would be glad to accept the contents and that should be suitable to our site guidelines and policies. You cannot copy or reproduce others research papers here because it amounts to copy right violations for which ISC rules are against. Moreover research papers are the hard work of those scholars who spent time and energy to write such contents and they cannot be used for this site and that amounts to interference into their writing profess. So please be original and proceed with original articles here.
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    Please remember that ISC will accept all your own creativity. May it be any Articles, Research Articles, Poems, Stories etc. All should be owned by you. Borrowed items or copied items are not allowed at ISC.
    Let us know in which field are you doing research.

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    Generally, people will be sending their own research articles for publishing in the research journals where an expert panel would see whether they deserve to be published in that journal of repute. These articles are of specialised nature and people use them and quote them in their research. If there is a flaw in the methodology given in the article then the research community would soon comment and react on that. So, there is an environment for publishing the research paper and generally we follow that route. There are some sites also which are known for storing and publishing new research articles in a particular area on research by individuals and people refer them as per the requirement and these are actually some specific sites only dealing in research papers. Sometimes they charge some fees also for hosting the research paper in their site as it has some commercial angle also as someone might be interested in ones research for converting it into some product or service and wants to buy the copyrights of the same.
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    The articles which you want to publish as research articles can be sent to any journal you want in the related field. The articles should be peer-reviewed and then only accepted. For example. I am working in the field of Chemistry and I will be publishing articles of my original research in journals in the related field like Indian Chemical society Journal, Institution of Chemists(India) journal, The Analyst from Royal Society of Chemistry etc. All these journals will be sent to the expert in that subject and they will check the subject and the originality of the research and the value it is adding. Then they may accept or they may reject. Publications in such journals only will be accepted as publications by the universities for awarding PhD.
    In many universities, there will be a norm that a person submitting his thesis for PhD should have 2 or 3 articles of original research published in peer-reviewed journals.

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    Thanks for the responses. Yes the works will be original or already attributed to the publishing author, on their behalf. So no copyright infringement will be imvolved.

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    Ryyu, please note that articles (Research papers or whatever) which are not your own will not be entertained. Simple as that. Why should someone allow you to post an article based on his research paper here? I don't understand.

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    Thanks Editor sir and Vandana Maam for resourceful response, the articles will be fully compliant with ISc policies and will be original.

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    Lock this thread admins.

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