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    It is necessary to end the habit of showing off.

    Whatever is visible or happening, it is all to fulfill some purpose or need. Whatever a person does, to fulfill a need or someone does it selfishly, no matter how much he denies it, but when doing so, a chanting "little more" is started, then the problem starts from there. For example, if you think that if you fill 20 liters of water in a 10-liter bucket, it will not happen, after the capacity everything has to go waste.

    Normally, such people will be found everywhere, even if we start thinking now, we will remember many things in which we meet less need and more show. The truth is that the person does not work according to his needs but to show fake excellence to other people and in the eyes of society.

    This unnecessary "show off" habit should be banned in our life and we can be avoided only if we do not pay attention to the reactions of others.
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    There are many people in the society who show off things even though they do not belong to that level. If a celebrity is wearing 3-4 dresses during the same day, it is understood as his or her means are like that and affordable. But when an ordinary person copies it then it becomes an ugly show off. Whenever a person resorts to show off it clearly means that he is trying to depict himself more than what is his worth. He must know that people know when a person is showing off or not. It is so obvious. Showing off is a common trait in people but it is always better to avoid it and present oneself as one is in real life. That actually helps in the life much as people would not take him wrong or deceptive in his ways. It is always better to be in one's natural form rather than wearing something fake or copied.
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    The author has rightly said that fake excellence is what many are displaying as if they are vying with others to get the certificate and recognition. Those who have the money and those who have the spend thrift attitude, wants to make their fashion statement or boast of their jewels and other costly items in front of others and that too with those who cannot afford nor think of it. Surely many may not like the boasting off attitude because, if the same is done with the equal partners, then it is good and appreciable but the fake excellence are shown to those who are poor and middle class and they embarrassed to move with such people. One thing is sure, money may come and go, but the attitude of self boasting would stay and that would spoil the very good relations with others and over the course of time they are discarded.
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    Some people try to get noticed by others. In that attempt, they try many odd things which appears silly to others. That is why I say, ' Let our actions speak'.
    Unnecessarily specking very high of ourselves and trying to show off is not worth. We all know that only empty leaf fly easily and a vessel full of liquid will never spill. More sound will come from empty vessels only. These are the facts we should remember when we talk more than what required.
    Some people will speak more and give easily promises and attract others. But they never fulfil the promises they made. How many times we can do that. Once or twice. The third time the other person will ignore you and treat you with least respect. So we should be always within our boundaries and too much show off is not encouraged.

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