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    Some people make fun of others

    Some people make fun of others by pulling their legs and playing jokes with them but if the other person answers them in the same manner or throws back sarcastic comments on them they are exasperated and begin to quarrel. I ignore and avoid such people and prefer not to talk to them because I don't know if having been accustomed to this tendency they will start casting unbearable comments on me and I am not this sort of a person who can endure all their humbug, will recipracte them much harsher, which entails unnecessary hot talk.

    These strange creatures can be seen in every society. I think you, often, might have encountered with such people. How do cope with these people or how do you react to their indecent conduct against you.
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    Very interesting post by the author. Many people are fond of making fun of others or mocking others. This is a very general tendency. I earlier thought that it is limited to only student life or some lower strata of workers. I found myself wrong when I found that at every level this thing is being done by some of the people in the peer groups. Why people get satisfaction by mocking others is a mystery and only expert psychologists can answer that but thing is that one must think twice before doing it and must consider that what would be one's reaction if same thing is done by others to him. Definitely making fun of others is in a bad taste and it is better to avoid such people as far as possible. They are like leeches which do not leave your skin till they are full of sucked blood and then they fall down and retreat back. Let us not allow them to suck our blood and avoid and ignore them in the first place itself.
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    Normally fun takes place between the close friends and that is tolerated and even sustained. Friends have the rights to call us or refer us with nick names which others do not know and we take pride in such nuances. But when the fun goes on from others who are not known to us or not acquainted with us can be taken us teasing and that should not be allowed at any cost. Some pretends to be our friends and they want to demean our dress code, our personality our behavior in front of others so that we should feel defamed. Such people ulterior motives is to bring bad repute to us and they should not be allowed to carry on further. Tell them on point blank that you are no more interested to such friendship which affects the chastity. Talking about the personality and dress is none of anybodies business and they must be controlled.
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    I have seen such people in villages especially in our aunt's village, Kovil venni, an uncle was there, who used to pull the children by clipping their nose with his two fingers. In olden days, my father told an old man used to write in a small cardboard as 'I am an ass' (in Tamil) and hanged them with a string on the necks of the small children who were unable to read. He enjoyed by seeing everybody laugh at them.

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    Making fun of others has its limitation. If it happens within close friends, family member or joking relationship then it's ok. We enjoy this kind of behaviour from this relationship. But, if it is done by unknown people or very less known people then it is unbearable. I have noticed that there is no dearth of such kind of people in society who are making fun to others. It is a bad act to humiliate by making fun of them. I always avoid such kind of people. As per my view never let the chance to these people for making fun of others.

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    If you make fun of somebody, you should be ready to receive back from him. If you are not willing for that you should not cut jokes on others. If you want others to take your jokes sportively, you should also accept their jokes sportively,
    We should be very careful when we make fun of others. It should not hurt the feelings of other people. If we talk easily others may not take it lightly. In such cases, we should stop making fun of that person.
    If somebody makes fun of us and when we reciprocate the same, if he is not accepting it easily, we should ignore such person and go ay from him. Otherwise, unnecessary friction will develop between people. Making fun of people who are weaker than us and talking easily about them is a very bad trait and we should never practice such things.
    We all should always remember that we should not treat others the way in which we never want to be get treated.

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    There is an old statement that joke as much as you can bear yourself. It means that the joke is always done within the limits of decency and with a healthy mindset. Otherwise, this joke can not only hurt someone but can also create a rift in healthy relationships. such people enjoy when they try to make others look younger by mocking others but in reality, they are downing themselves. It is sensible to ignore such people, but this ignorance should also be to an extent.
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