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    How many big variety Dosa outlets are there in your city?

    Both Chennai and Coimbatore are home to restaurants that offer a big variety of dosas. There are restaurants that offer up to 99 different types of dosa. Each of these restaurants offer the varieties like banana flower dosa, brinjal dosa, tomato dosa, "podi" dosa that offers the dosa with a mix of the spicy powder that is normally served with coconut oil as a side-dish for the dosa itself, the millet dosa, the raw rice dosa and so on. Since the dosa is famous all over the world, there is always a big treat in eating the varieties of dosa.

    Do you have such restaurants in your cities? Once you give such data, it will be useful for people like me, who will visit many cities after April 2021, when the virus scare will be bare minimum( at least this is what many experts are asking us to believe).

    Let us feast on dosa after a while...
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    There are many shops in this area (Kharghar, Navi Mumbai) where Dosa is available but most of the places it is hardly 4-5 varieties that one can have. Last year some big eating places were opened where slightly more number of varieties were on offer but not like Chennai or some other places that we can choose from such a large number going up to 100. There are a few shops managed by some Tamilians or Telugu people and they provide very good quality dosa and associated Sambhar and Chutneys and many people visit there for the authentic taste. One of them is Balaji Cafe famous for its south Indian dishes.
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    In Hyderabad also there are special dosa outlets which starts function from 9 pm in the night and goes up to midnight. When I inquired about the varieties, it is mind boggling and more than 100 varieties listed in the menu and they are open to customers suggestion and ready to add new menus. But what I like is the MLA dosa which is also called the 70 mm dosa which is so big and the entire family can feed on one. The potato, onion curry is stuffed along with many varieties of chutneys like coconut chutney, ground nut chutney, Putna dal chutney, Mirchi chutney, Pudina chutney, raw tomato chutney and so on. Each dosa has to be tried with different chutnies and also mirchi powder which adds to the taste. Nevertheless it is treat to watch many throng the place and taste their best dosa variety and keep on repeating the orders.
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    We cannot have many such hotels to serve Dosa. The very common Dosa available in a hotel is - Ordinary Dosa, Masala Dosa, Ghee Roast, Paper Roast, Uthappam, Podi Doosa, Set Dosa, Onion Dosa, Onion Rava, Rava Dosa,

    The basic Dosa is same with Rice and Urd dal /Rava only. The additions are like make ups, the size and the thickness.

    Instead of wasting money on the varieties, just take two ordinary Dosa's with Chutney, Sambhar and Podi. You can feed many such Dosa's to the poor on the road without food.

    Pandemic has taught us how to live without varieties of Dosas. Lead a happy life with home prepared Dosa.

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    We have a limited variety of dosa available in our place. I think it maybe five or six variety. But I tasted only three variety of dosa. I didn't take many risks in tasting more variety. Here Dosa is served with sambhar and coconut chutney. People prefer to have in morning breakfast. But, due to corona hotel has stopped to serve dosa. Nowadays people preparing their favourite dosa at home only.

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    In our Chennai almost all big hotels have variety of dosas. Ordinary Dosa, Rava Dosa, Masala dosa, rava masala dosa, Ghee roast, cauliflower masala dosa, oothappam, Kal dosa, set dosa etc., can get in a single hotel. In Bangalore and other hotels of Karnataka, the ordinary dosa is supplied by folding like reversed cone. In Chennai we get Chutney sambar for Rava Dosa but in Bangalore we get aloo curry for Rava Dosa.

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    In salem there is a dosa shop where we can get only dosa in multiple varieties . Names of such shops also different as Kowsi Dosa Corner, Salem Dosai kadai, Sri saravana Bhavan's aasai dosai.

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    In Hyderabad, there are many restaurants where you will get very good Dosa varieties. There are exclusive dosa centres also. These dosa centres are there in many areas but there may not be any special names for them.
    Minerva Coffee House, Himayatnagar, is one restaurant where you will get very good Dosa. MLA dosa is the special item there. They will give you 2 varieties of Chutneys and Sambar etc. The taste will be very good. If you come to Hyderabad, definitely you pay a visit and taste the Dosa there. Definitely, you will enjoy it.
    Another hotel where you will get good dosa variety is Taj Mahal Hotel in SD Road, Secunderabad. Here Ravva Dosa is very tasty. He will give you two chutneys, sambar and some curry also. The dish will be very tasty and I like it. I hope you will also like it.
    In AS Rao Nagar, Near Radhika Theatre also there is a restaurant Parivaar, vegetarian. In this restaurant also you can try dosa. A good dish.

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