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    Whats wrong saying hello to stranger fellow?

    Myself and my friend were walking on the road and one person was walking from the opposite direction to whom my friend said hello and smiled at him. For few seconds he was shocked and not responded but hesitatingly said hello and smiled. I thought he was known to my friend but my friend said as to whats wrong in saying hello to a stranger fellow. I said the rhyming may be good, but we cannot friend anyone to whom we have no idea of his character and behavior. But he said he has tried such idea and made many friends. What is your view on this ?
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    I also met such situations often. But the reason for not responding immediately might be because of that the other person might have forgotten his face or took time to recollect his face. One day I saw a person in a bus traveling by standing by my side. I recollected his face as he was resembling my college mate, Devarajan. He was also stared me some minutes. Suddenly we both got seat to sit. I freely asked him whether he was Devarajan, He immediately recollected me and asked whether I am Ramachandran. As it took 20 years gap we finished college course, We exchanged our memories with pleasure till the arrival of bus stop for one of us. Here he was first a stranger but later found my old friend. But many times I used to say hello to the new person while walking and later on daily he start saying good morning from that day onward.

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    Ramachandran what you shared is the already known face and met now. But I am talking about totally new face.
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    When we see a stranger, I feel nothing to say and hollow and smile at him/her. But the other person may respond or may not. We need not worry about that. Generally, many foreigners will have this habit. When they see a new person also they say hallow and smile at him. I experienced it many times.
    During my visit to the USA, I travelled in a flight from New Delhi to Chicago and from Chicago, I travelled to Colorado on a domestic flight. I was waiting for my flight at Chicago airport. An old lady who will be around 60 said hallow to me and smiled. I reciprocated. She left the place. When I got into the Colorado flight she was also there in that flight and her seat was my side seat. We discussed many issues.

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    There is nothing wrong in it as long as the unknown person is not feeling offended. Also, there is no reason to be offended if an unknown person says Hello to you on the road or somewhere else. As Dr Rao has pointed out in his reply that foreigners usually say Hello to a stranger and also reciprocate to your wishes but Indians in general, are not habituated to say Hello to a stranger and maybe that's why the unknown person was shocked and hesitant in the beginning.

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    Saying hallo to someone who is unknown to us changes him into a known person and sometimes, this formal wishing results in a good friendship too. This habit helps a lot at a new place where you have no known face or acquaintance. It opens the door of relationship with people. Gradually, you can have a vast circle of known people and it enables you to have a place in their hearts.

    It's my habit to wish strangers, obviously they are startled when any stranger has wished them but when I come across them again some other day they recognize me. I have also experienced that they introduced me to other people in my absence.
    They also extend their support voluntarily if I need help of some local people.

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    When one is interested to break ice with a stranger then only option is to say hello or hi or smile and say something about weather or even some political comment and in all probability the stranger would accept and start talking as if he was our old friend. In journey, this happens frequently as everyone is in need of talking and sharing to pass time. Still, there are some shrewd people who are a bit reserved in their own way and would not open up with us except giving a small smile or some small gesture and then dismiss us with ease by ignoring the aggression completely.
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    I do not think it would be appropriate, any kind of a greeting with which we do not know, it does not make sense. I believe that it is our rites to help unknown people and that is fine because a needy person only wants our help and not to befriend us. Friends and relationships are already very much in our lives, it is wise to first deal with the relationships that remain and then make new friends with strangers. As far as saying hello to a stranger on the road or simply smiling does not seem appropriate in our environment especially for women because the mentality of the front can raise a question here.

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