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    Surprising to see some people do not allow us to help others

    There is a term in Tamil, 'Naai petra thengam pazham' which means if a dog got a coconut, it will not eat by itself, as not known to how to eat. It rolls the coconut by not giving to others but barking if anybody tried to take that. Similarly it is surprised to see some people do not permit to help others but they themselves also not helping.
    I planned,once, to go to other town to help a relative who got hospitalized (not in pandemic season) but my another relative prevented me to go there by saying,'why should you go there, why dont their relatives took care on him'.
    At another incident I, by seeing the plants are withering, tried to pour water from the pipe. My younger brother asked me not to do so, as the house owner would say something.
    I am surprising to see such people preventing others to offer help in spite of they are not helping.
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    When we are in need, if somebody come forward to help us we will be happy and we will be thankful to him for his timely help. If such a person requires any help we will never hesitate to help him. When we help somebody only, we can expect some help from others.
    Some people will be like that. They never help others nor they expect help from others. They will try to manage somehow on their own. Some people want others to help him, but they will never help others. Some people help others and take help from others if required. I have seen another type of persons. They are ready to help others but never expect any help from others or accept help from others. Such people are very rare.
    We are all human beings and we should help others when there is a need. Then only God will help us by sending somebody to help us when we are in need. If you help a person X, you may not get help from the same person X. But you may get help from some other person say Y. God will see that somebody will help us when there is a need. So believe in God and start helping others who are in need.

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