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    Do you still peep into the mirror from different angles ?

    When a teenage boy or girl starts standing before a mirror for a long time and keeps on changing his/her posture and glances at his/her face or figures from different angles it evinces of him/her being interested in opposite gender. This tendency keeps on moving until maturity changes the motive of standing before mirror. And when a person begins to realize that he or she is no more handsome or beautiful and infirmities of old age like wrinkles, loose skin or white strands on face and head are visible, it exterminates his/her interest in peeping into mirror.

    So on which phase of age you are.
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    This is an interesting observation made by the author. It is the fact that the teenage boys or girls become more matured and attracted to the opposite sex and for that purpose they try to enhance the good looking posture for which they keep on checking the beauty, looks and also the personality build up. The life size mirror can give the better view of all the angles and they get pleased to see their own image again and again and wants to make corrections in the looks and that is adorable. The girls are especially worried about the dark spots and pimples and they try to improve upon their facial looks while the boys would give more credence to their hair style and new looks through the fashion haircut. Nevertheless looking good is everyone's aspiration and we cannot find fault with them and that should happen.
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    During my student life I did it frequently as I used to find that from some angles I looked better in the sense that on one side of my face I had some scars which of course I used for identification mark as it was a practice at that time to write identification marks in identity cards or other such personal things. Other than that we used to see ourselves from different angles to find out that when we take part in debate what would be the better posture and what would be the best tilting of our head towards the audiences. So these things made us to look at the mirror from different angles. Now that habit has disappeared in the past.
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    Many people use this mirror to know how they appear in different positions. Some people change their body language by seeing them in the mirror so that they look more handsome. Young people try various hairstyles combing their hair in different ways by standing before the mirror and they decide which is better for them. When we go to a salon for hairdressing we will select the shop which is having mirrors on all the sides. That will help us to see all the sides of the hair and see whether it is looking nice or not. This is very common. But as we become aged we may reduce the time of our standing before the mirror.
    I have seen some old people also who stand before a mirror or hold a mirror in hand and see their face. This is for seeing their face and analysing themselves how healthy they are. Are there any black marks under the eye or how is the colour of the face-changing etc., they will see and decide on the state of their health. My father who is around 87 will be using mirror daily for some time for this purpose.

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